Treat yo self to a two-minute preview of “Parks and Recreation”

This Thursday, the feminist-est comedy on TV returns for its fifth season. Knope, that’s right! Parks and Recreation is back! When last we left our band of ragtag Pawneeians, Leslie had won a City Council seat, Ben had decided make a career move to Washington D.C., Ann (you beautiful, tropical fish) had decided to try to make it work with Tom, and Ron had taken the job as Chris Traeger’s second in command. If that sounds like a lot of character growth for a sitcom, that’s because it’s a lot of character growth for a sitcom. Parks and Recreation is one of those rare gems that just keeps getting better and better the longer it’s on the air.

And if all this talk of Ann (you beautiful rule-breaking moth) and Leslie doesn’t get you hyped up for the show’s return, treat yo self to a two-minute preview of the upcoming season!


I’m not sure what’s my favorite part: Ann (you beautiful, naive, sophisticated, newborn baby) in a cowboy get-up peddling sparkle-skin moisturizer; Leslie supporting the the elderly going at it hard, old-style; April in a power suit(!); or Ron Effing Swanson just being Ron Effing Swanson.

Not to mention that Lucy Lawless is guest starring as a love interest for Ron. And Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan Banks will be playing Ben’s dad. Oh, and Donna is getting her own Twitter account, which will really be helmed by Retta, who is one of the most hilarious, F-bomb dropping, truth-telling people on Twitter these days. (She’s live-tweeting Season 3 of Buffy right now, and boy does she ever hate Faith!)

Photo courtesy of Retta’s Twitter

Best season of TV ever or best season of TV ever? What do you think of the two-minute Parks preview? Will you be tuning in on Thursday night?