“Glee” Recap (4.04): Nobody Said It Was Easy

To emphasize the extradimensional weirdness of Finn following Rachel around NYADA, the first song of the night is “Barely Breathing” and for Finn’s part, he weaves in and out of Rachel and her classmates and makes the one face he makes when he sings. Its’ really a duet, though. Blaine sings the other part in the McKinley High auditorium, but unlike last week when he was all alone in there, this time he hallucinates that Kurt is watching him. (Don’t act like you don’t sometimes imagine yourself alone in a dark auditorium with Chris Colfer for … reasons.) When Blaine realizes that his mind has created a mirage of his boyfriend, he promptly hops on Facebook and pokes any old random Warbler. Eli C., apparently. Eli C. writes back: “Speaking of poking, wanna come over?” Warble off, Eli C.! Warble off a cliff!

In the Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of, Kurt and Rachel are getting ready for NYADA karaoke night, which takes place in a bar called “Callbacks,” because of course it does. They’re trying to goad Finn into changing out of his rugby duds, but he is saved by a knock at the door. You think it’s going to be Grody Brody, but instead it’s Blaine. Kurt goes, “Blaine!” And I go, “Blaine!” Blaine missed Kurt, Kurt missed Blaine! There are flowers and a kiss and goddamn Finn pokes his head in there for a hug and RUINS EVERYTHING LIKE ALWAYS. God, can he not let any gays have any gay moments of their own gay volition at all ever?

Kurt is super excited to be out on the town with Blaine. He calls it their first New York night out together, implying that they will have a lifetime of New York nights out together, but Blaine is only halfway listening because he’s really upset about how he had to sit in a middle seat on the flight over. For some reason, Finn convinces Rachel to sing “Give Your Heart a Break” with Brody, and then the whole time they’re singing, he’s getting jealous-er and jealous-er about the way they harmonize so easily. Kurt doesn’t want to follow-up Rachel’s performance, but Blaine does.

He sits down at the piano and dedicates a song to the love of his life. It’s the first song he ever sang to Kurt, but he was just flirting back then. Now he’s hopelessly, desperately in love, and, like Blaine, the song is stripped all the way down to its core. He chokes out the lyrics while making the saddest face you have ever or will ever see. Like, I’ve seen some sad things in my life. Those Sarah McLachlan homeless dog commercials? Sad. The end of Titanic? Sad. Every time one of The Doctor’s companions gets stranded in a parallel universe? Sad. I Am Sam, A Walk to Remember, Steel Magnolias, The Notebook, My Girl? Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad. But nothing in this life has ever been as sad as Blaine singing this song. His voice cracks, his face drops, his heart breaks.

Afterward, the fearsome foursome take a walk through Central Park. Kurt says, “You’re so emotional and weirdly sad. Please stop pretending there’s nothing wrong.” And Blaine confesses to having “been with someone.” He says the thing people always say, about how it meant nothing, and what else was he supposed to do because he was so very alone, but Kurt is not hearing that because he knows what it’s like to be alone and tempted, but he stayed faithful because to him it meant everything. He runs off into the night in tears.