“The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons” (1.4): “The Dark Knight”

Who let the dogs out? This week, the cast was allowed out of the house for a day at a beach bar.

Brooklyn’s Devyn is smitten with Fresh Meat’S Eric (“Big Easy”) and vice versa. Devyn tells us that she normally goes for guys “collecting their social security checks” but even though Big Easy still hasn’t gone gray and isn’t walking with a cane, she’s all about him.

Meanwhile, peeved that Vegas even considered breaking the alliance in the last episode, New Orleans wants to get even. New Orleans’ Knight tells us that he wants to break Vegas down mentally. San Diego’s Frank is also unsure about Vegas’ place in the alliance among San Diego, Cancun, Vegas and New Orleans. Trishelle is annoyed that she has to clean up Vegas’ mess and tries to make nicey nice with Knight.

That night at the house, Brooklyn’s Chet walks in with a clue from TJ. “Tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to shed some excess weight. See you at the challenge tomorrow.”

Later Las Vegas’ Nany is all “Dude, where’s my laundry?” Her bag of laundry is missing and she wanders around the house to look for it. Turns out Knight, making good on his threat to mess with Vegas, threw Nany’s bag of laundry in the pool. New Orleans’ Jemmye is annoyed at her ex and teammate Knight’s actions, so she rats him out to Nany. The entire house thinks that Knight is a twit, and everyone lets him have it. Then Knight decides to throw Nany’s suitcase in the pool. The house rallies behind Nany, and Big Easy and Las Vegas’ Dustin help fish her clothes out of the pool.

Frank tells us that Knight has basically painted a target on the back of the alliance. “Knight, you’re a douche,” he said.

The next day the cast is told to play a game called “Don’t Weigh Me Down.” Half of each team must hold a basket up with a rope, and opposing team members toss rocks into the basket to weigh it down. The first team to drop its basket loses. The last team becomes the Power Team.

The alliance goes for Brooklyn first, followed by Fresh Meat. The last two teams are Cancun and Vegas, and Cancun squeaks out a win.

The alliance brings half of St. Thomas in to see where they stand, and St. Thomas’ Marie flips out and stomps off. “Cancun,” she tells us. “I am coming for you.”

Despite Marie’s outburst, Cancun decides to stick to the original plan and sends Fresh Meat into the arena against Brooklyn in a mental challenge. Devyn tells us that she and JD are most likely going into the arena. Devyn and Big Easy going against each other in the elimination round? Oh noes!

But first, San Diego’s Sam screams “Tequila!” It’s time to drink again! Devyn and Big Easy have a quiet double date with Sarah and Alton as the rest of the cast runs around getting rowdier and rowdier.

On the bus ride home, shit hits the fan. Jemmye, Devyn and Camilla get into a shouting match. No one knows what is being said, because as in The Osbournes, every other word is bleeped out. Knight decides to insult Camilla on the bus and then lays into Nany back at the house, causing Nany to lunge at him. Frank holds her back, then Trishelle, to avoid a physical altercation.

Dustin calms Nany down, telling her not to let Knight get to her. Jemmye is disappointed in Knight’s actions and is further convinced that she made the right decision to break up with him. Thanks to the actions of Knight, New Orleans has become a burden on the alliance and it looks like they could be the first team to go once the alliance eliminates the rest of the teams.

Afraid that his relationship with Devyn may be coming to an end due to the elimination, Big Easy starts to pull away emotionally and picks a fight with Devyn. In a bizarre turn of events, it is Knight who brokers a reconciliation between the two.

At the elimination round, Big Easy and Camilla are automatically in for Fresh Meat, and then it is Brooklyn’s turn.

Devyn raises her hand and volunteers.