“Degrassi” recap: “Building a Mystery Pt. 1”

Season 12 of Degrassi is back!

I know many of you are here mainly for the Fimogen, but unfortunately, there weren’t any scenes between Fiona and Imogen this week. Well, unless you count the time another character mentioned that Imogen was off-screen looking for the keys to a classroom, and we were left to assume that the reason she didn’t show up by the end of the scene is that Fiona distracted her! Oh, that was just in my head? Nevermind…

The good news, though, is that AfterElton’s Jim Halterman was able to get some scoop from Cristine Prosperi for us, so you can head over to read it while we wait for Fimogen’s turn to get screentime!

Now, onto Friday’s episode and what transpired for our AE favorites, Fiona, Imogen, and Adam!

Fiona and Bianca are bonding in the hallway over the details of Bianca’s engagement to Drew. Fiona’s thrilled for her, but soon realizes the ring is on a necklace and not her finger for a reason — Drew wants to keep their engagement a secret from his mother.

Speaking from her experience with Imogen’s mother earlier this year, Fiona advises that it might be best to just leave well enough alone. Begrudgingly, Bianca agrees.

Bianca eventually decides she can’t keep hiding the truth from Mama Torres, so she ropes Drew into telling his mother about their big news. Just like Fiona had predicted, Drew is less than thrilled about her role in arranging this conversation, but hey, it worked out for Fimogen in the end, so hopefully it’s just a hiccup for Bianca as well.

On the other side of the emotional spectrum, Becky is dancing with joy over the plane tickets to Vegas that she scored for the student council fundraiser’s silent auction. In her excitement about them, she literally runs into Adam, at which point she’s struck with a strong and sudden case of crush-induced word vomit.

After tripping all over herself and shouting after him to “have fun” in class, Adam wanders off with a bemused look in her direction and Becky confesses to an equally amused Jenna that she can’t stop thinking about him.

When Jenna questions if she’s not just ruminating on “the trans thing,” Becky declares — confident both in her heterosexuality and about Adam’s gender — that she likes him, and she wouldn’t have feelings for him if he weren’t a boy.

She tries to ask Adam out after class but gets cold feet mid-sentence and instead asks him to volunteer for the student council fundraiser. When he tells her he’s not sure that them working together is the best idea, she reminds him that, though they got off to a “shaky start,” participating in the musical opened her mind. With the beginnings of a smile creeping onto his face, Adam tells her, “Don’t make me regret this.”

At the student council meeting about the fundraiser, Fiona rallies the troops while Becky daydreams about Adam. When she’s asked for updates on the auction, Becky completely forgets about the tickets she was so excited about that morning and instead glowingly tells the group that Adam’s going to the mall with her that evening to help find sponsors.

Afterward, Becky realizes that she may have twisted Adam’s arm into helping out, so she seeks him out to let him know that she hopes he actually wants to be involved because she wants to work closely with him. Charmed, he tells her he’ll see her at the mall — which turns into an adorable montage of them recruiting donors, buying French fries, and throwing the fries at each other. Her brother, Luke, notices how happy she is with Adam and decides to stomp all over it. “Whatever’s going on,” he warns her, “end it.” Their parents will never approve.

When Jenna notices Becky’s lack of twirling the next day, she suggests that Becky just not to tell her parents about Adam. Inspired by this advice, Becky slips out of class to meet up with Adam in the hallway, where she finally blurts out, “I really, really like you.”

“I sense a ‘but you’re transgender,’” Adam adds when she doesn’t continue. “I should have known better than to fall for you.”

“You fell for me?” she asks, stunned, and he admits, “First time I met you.” She confesses to him that she doesn’t care about her parents’ approval and wants him to be her “secret boyfriend.” “I’m not ashamed,” she adds, “I just don’t want them to forbid me from seeing you.”

Halting her rambling before she can get further, he tells her to go back to the part where she asked him to be her boyfriend. They lean in for a kiss, and then she twirls her way back to class, leaving a speechless Adam (who finally got the girl!) in the hallway.

Becky, however, is not the best at keeping secrets (sitting around doodling their initials probably wasn’t the wisest decision). Her dad easily weasels the truth out of her by reminding her that she’s not just lying to him, but also to God.

And anyway, all Adam has to do is get their seal of approval over dinner! Easy enough, right? While the prospect of this meal freaks out Becky, Adam’s not worried. “I passed when I met you, right?” Nothing to worry about. Unless, you know, Luke is there.

Though apparently Luke isn’t the one we should have worried about, because Becky can dig herself into a hole just fine, thanks. Nervous, she keeps jumping in to answer questions for Adam with totally not suspicious statements like, “His family’s normal, totally, totally normal!”

Despite her odd behavior, Adam seems to be winning her parents over, so Luke forebodingly proposes a toast to close the dinner. “To Becky’s boyfriend,” he says. “He’s a brave guy for dating my sister.”

And with that, we wait for next week! What’d you think about Adam finally getting the girl and what Fiona and Imogen were really up to throughout this episode?