“The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons” recap (1.6): “Going Insane”

The episode starts out in the gym, where San Diego’s Frank, Zach and Ashley aren’t doing very much except sitting around. Frank spots Las Vegas’ Alton and mutters, “Strength comes in numbers, not personalities.” Alton hears Frank’s mumbling and asks him to repeat what he said. Then Alton shrugs and says, “That’s what you think, buddy,” and proceeds to pump iron as the other three continue to sit around like bumps on a log.

Ashley tells us that Vegas is a strong team but is out of the super alliance. Frank tries to mess with Alton as he is working out, heckling him about his relationship with Sarah. Alton suggests that Frank and Zach are having a secret relationship, and Frank bristles at the suggestion. “I’m handling Frank like I would handle dogs barking in a kennel,” says Alton.

Later at the house, Brooklyn’s Sarah has a clue from TJ. “If you think your opponents in the house are crazy, just wait until you see tomorrow’s challenge. Be ready by 6:30 a.m.!” I didn’t know that time existed, and neither does Brooklyn’s Devyn. Great minds think alike.

The first leg of the challenge requires one team member to wear a rubber horse mask and pull the other team members in a chariot. Brooklyn comes in last and goes into the losers’ round. The next challenge requires catching eggs tossed by a teammate while wearing a dog cone. St. Thomas loses, so they will battle it out with Brooklyn to see who ends up in the arena. In a jousting match, Las Vegas goes against New Orleans to battle it out for power team, and New Orleans comes out on top. In the losers’ round, Brooklyn and St. Thomas beat each other with 15 pound dead fish, and St. Thomas ends up falling off the podium straight into the elimination round.

At the house, Alton tells Zach to tell New Orleans to throw him into the arena because he is done living with the “children” in the house. Trishelle scolds Alton, because she thinks he is being half assed, but Alton is looking forward to moving from the house to a hotel room. New Orleans, after getting the memo from Alton via Zach, throws Las Vegas into the arena in a strategy game.

Laura and Trey go in for St. Thomas, and Nany and Dustin, believing that Alton would throw the round, volunteer for Vegas. As the challenge begins, Zach and Alton almost get into a fight, but after ripping Alton’s hat off, Zach decides to back off and return to his team.

The challenge is a familiar one: Knot so Fast – where the teams tangle a 100 foot rope in a metal dome and then switch places, untangling the mess that the other team created. Dustin and Nany manage to win the challenge, and Las Vegas remains intact – at least superficially. The rest of the house, including his teammates, has lost respect for Alton as a competitor, but he doesn’t seem concerned. As the rest of the cast relaxes in the house, Alton is seen climbing the rock climbing all alone, lost in his thoughts.