“Degrassi” recap: “Tonight, Tonight” (Parts 1 and 2)

In last night’s (early! surprise!) mid-season finale, Adam takes the stage.

The episode begins with him arriving at the mall just in time to hear the announcement of which bands made the Battle of the Bands competition.

As they await the results, Imogen coos, “I spy with my little eye a girl checking out Adam Torres,” but he scoffs, “with my luck, she’s looking at you.” True story, Adam, but hands off, mystery lady – Imogen’s taken!

Meanwhile, Whisperhug makes it to the next phase of the competition. As the group celebrates and decides on their competition song (top secret information!), Imogen cozies up to Mystery Girl… and gets her number for Adam! She passes along to him a name and number, complete with “call me maybe” scrolled at the top.

Adam sits in class, lingering over Mystery Girl’s number (whose name we can conveniently enough shorten to Missy) when Becky comes up hoping to join his table. Adam promptly drops his backpack in the empty seat.

Dave walks up a moment later and gets an earful of how much Adam hates Becky Baker. “I’ve been rejected before,” he says, but a former love interest attending brainwash camp to get away from him takes the cake.

On the other hand, he thinks Missy is too hot for him, so Dave punches in her number to skip right over Adam’s cold feet. Right after he finishes setting up a date with Missy, an email arrives from Becky, which Dave directs him to delete without reading.

But what sucks the most, Adam says, is that he thinks his relationship with Becky would have worked out if he wasn’t trans, and he suddenly wonders if it might be better not to tell Missy… “It’s not like it’s the only thing about me,” he argues. “I want to know what it’s like to be just a regular guy.”

“What, having gender identity conversations on the first date isn’t fun?” Dave teases – boy, has he come a long way since his first interactions with Adam!

Over at Drew’s place, Adam picks out an outfit for the date as his brother looks on, questioning Adam’s desire to go stealth on the date. “If you don’t tell her, you won’t know if she’s cool with it,” he points out, but Adam brushes the concern aside. Drew’s next concern – what happens if Missy gets “grabby” – hits Adam where it… well, where it would hurt, so Drew tosses him a cucumber to stuff in his pants before he walks out the door.

Adam attempts to mimic the body language of the guy on the next bench over as he waits for Missy to show up, at which point she drags him along to a vintage store she wants to check out. As they walk, she babbles about the surprise guest judge, Chaz Bono, who was just announced for the competition, and how he “used to be a she or something.”

When Adam holds the door of the shop open for her, she remarks that he’s not like other guys – he’s actually polite! – and she promises that it’s a good thing.

She tries on a dress that’s so “ridiculously tight” that she needs Adam to help her zip it up. He offers to cover his eyes, but she says that’s unnecessary, though making out with eyes open could be awkward, so… his call. But this girl moves fast because in the process of feeling him up, she does indeed get grabby, succeeding in dislodging the cucumber and sending Adam fleeing.

Missy chases after him, wondering if she can get an explanation, so Adam begrudgingly admits that he’s trans. “It doesn’t bother me,” she assures him. In fact, she has a thing for bass players, especially when they open doors for her, and she snags a kiss from him.

As they chat, Missy casually pries out of Adam the Battle of the Bands song that Mo emphasized was so important to keep secret, but then she realizes she fled the store without paying for the dress she’d been trying on, so she slips off with the promise to return shortly.

While he waits for Missy to return, Adam grabs them hot dogs and then runs into no other than Becky Baker. Adam warns her she better go away – far, far away – before her dad sees her with an abomination like him. And she should stop sending him emails while she’s at it.

“It’s not working,” Becky shouts after him. The reparative therapy, she means. “Sitting there every day only reminds me that I like boys. And you’re a boy, between the ears, where it matters.”

As Adam’s standing there in shock, Missy strolls back up. “Friend of yours?” she asks, and after a moment, Adam dismisses Becky as “no one important.”

At school, Adam tells Dave all about his date with Missy and about how he bumped into Becky as well. He pulls Becky’s email up from his deleted messages and reads to Dave how the therapy is only emphasizing to her how much she loves Adam. “That girl drives me nuts,” he sighs.

“So Missy it is,” Dave assumes, but Adam isn’t so sure. “I know it sounds crazy, but my heart’s saying to give Becky another chance.” He pulls her aside after class to explain that, even though he met another “perfect” girl – who doesn’t care that he’s trans and has an open-minded family – he still likes Becky.

Unfortunately, some other things also haven’t changed: Becky says she can’t tell her parents if they get back together. He starts to stomp off, but Becky insists that while her family may be complicated, she wants to be with Adam anyway.

He refuses, concluding that her unwillingness to tell her parents tells him that she feels like she has something to be ashamed of.

At band rehearsal, Imogen and the band take their places, but Adam’s distracted, texting Missy and thrilled to have the “Becky saga” over and done with. “Spring fling?” Imogen teases about Miss Call-Me-Maybe, but Adam says he’s hoping for something more serious from her.

However, the true battle is now upon them, and after the judges introduce themselves, Missy’s band takes the stage to perform… Whisperhug’s song.

Adam seeks Missy out afterward to demand an explanation, to which she simply says that she wanted to win and Whisperhug was the band to beat. “You’re easy to play,” she says. “I’m sorry – you seem nice.”

One of her bandmates comes in, quickly assuming that he’s Adam and wondering if he has a carrot in his pants this time. Adam throws a punch just in time for the coordinator of the competition to see and to disqualify Adam’s band.

Mo and the rest of the band are furious with Adam, so he promises to fix it and sets off to find Chaz Bono.

Adam introduces himself as a fan and as a member of a band involved in the competition, or at least, one that was involved before Adam got into a fight. Even though he explains the circumstance that provoked him, Bono reminds him that the other guy’s transphobia doesn’t make it okay to fight.

“I know, but I’m desperate,” he bursts out. “I’ve messed up so much for a girl. I let my band down, I let myself, I even packed with a cucumber.” Adam begs Bono’s help getting Whisperhug back in the competition, but Bono’s still laughing at the cucumber.

“So, what’s her name?” he asks. “The one you did all this for.”

Adam explains about Becky, how he thought he could get over her by going for someone else, and how they’d be perfect together if only her parents would approve. “Does it ever get easier… with girls?” he wonders.

“There are obstacles in any relationship,” Bono reminds him. “The important thing is that you guys love each other, and if it takes her parents a little bit longer to catch up, don’t blame her for it.”

Bono makes him promise to lay off the fighting and promises to see if he can get Whisperhug back into the competition, which he manages to do with the caveat that Adam isn’t allowed to play with them. And since he can’t play, Adam takes off to go fix the other mistake that he made that day.

He shows up at the currently parent-free Baker household and tells Becky he understands she can’t tell her parents, but that since she’s come such a long way for him, it’s okay if it takes other people longer to come around. They need to try to be together, he says, or they’ll never know.

With impeccable timing, Rev. Baker interrupts their reunion, and Becky boldly takes Adams hand as he stands beside her. “I love Adam,” she tells her father. You jump, I jump.

When we next see them, Adam is leading Becky into a party at Drew and Fiona’s loft, where they’re celebrating Whisperhug’s third place Battle of the Bands win! As it turns out, Adam and Becky simply walked out on Rev. Baker, and Becky’s confident that, with time, her parents will come around someday.

When Drew snags Adam for a quick brother-to-brother chat, Adam raves that “it turns out I had to mess up with one girl to get to the right one.”

“Been there, bro,” Drew nods before asking Adam to be his best man when Drew and Bianca elope to Vegas over Spring Break, with Fiona (“best wedding planner in the world”) and Imogen along for company. Beyond honored, Adam agrees, and then wraps himself up with Becky again.

“I didn’t know you were one for public displays of affection,” Adam says when they break their kiss amid teasing and cheers from the rest of the party. “I have nothing to be ashamed of,” Becky counters and leans in for another.

Up next (well, in December): Fiona and Imogen in Vegas! Can we legalize gay marriage in Nevada before the Spring Break special airs in a few weeks?