“Lost Girl” gets ready to be very, very bad as it begins its third season

Buckle your seat belts and hold onto your chi, a whole new season of succubus action is set to begin as Lost Girl premieres its third season in Canada and the United States in the coming days. The series debuts in Canada on Showcase Sunday and in the United States a very long week and day later, Jan. 14 on Syfy.

I know, I know. Photoshop went horribly, horribly wrong with that poster. You have a beautiful star in Anna Silk, Showcase. Less is therefore more. But I digress. Much easier on the eyes, be they brown or blue, is the new photo of Bo and Lauren together. Doccubus fans, please put something soft on the ground to prevent injury from swooning.

When last we left television’s best, albeit only, bisexual succubus she was all aglow with the blue-eyed energy. Having passionately kissed Lauren before heading into victorious battle against the Garuda, our heroine was flush with her Fae superpowers. And, as many of you guessed, she is poised to become the new Big Bad for Season 3. Struggling with one’s worst instincts has never looked so sexy.


Want more bad Bo? How about this two-minute preview. And in another spate of good news for Doccubus fans, it looks like Bo and Dyson are less than friendly this season.


The new season brings with it new faces including Rachel Skarsten in a recurring role as Tamsin (the blonde who isn’t Lauren in the promos). She will be a bas-ass cop who also happens to be bisexual and a Valkyrie warrior. Guest star Linda Hamilton will also appear this season. Returning will be favorites Zoie Palmer, Ksenia Solo, Emmanuelle Vaugier and the rest of the Fae gang. Also returning will be new, full recaps of Lost Girl on AfterEllen.com. They will post Tuesday after the U.S. broadcast on the site, so be sure to look for them.

So, are you ready to be very, very bad?