“Once Upon A Time” Recap: “I invited her.” (2.10)

The Charming family brings Regina to the interrogation room and Regina’s in a huff because she is pretty sure arguing with someone isn’t illegal. They tell her Archie is dead and her face displays genuine surprise. Snow and Charming think she’s faking it, but Emma believes her and says that she herself wasn’t exactly a fairytale princess before coming to Storybrooke and she’s willing to give Regina the benefit of being innocent until proven guilty.

Interestingly enough, we then flash back to a very parallel story where Emma’s mother is giving Regina a similar benefit. Snow is telling Charming this and he’s resistant but only with his words, since she clearly wears the pants in this relationship. Rumpelstiltskin appears out of nowhere and offers Snow a deal. She questions his motives but is intrigued nonetheless.

The Charming family’s first suspect in the Archie murder investigation is, of course, Mr. Gold. Belle is quick to his defense, and he’s slow to his own. He has an idea—Lassie Pongo can help. Snow and Charming know better than to trust him, so he says Emma can do the magic. She’s unsure she can, but he whips out a dreamcatcher, scoops up some of the pup’s memory and hands it to her.

At first nothing happens, but it turns out she just wasn’t making a ridiculous enough face. Once she does that, they’re able to see what the dalmatian saw—”Regina” killing Archie.

When Emma sees that it really was Regina, she looks downright heartbroken. She was so sure Regina had turned over a new leaf. So sure people could really change.

Back in Prisoner Queen Regina’s cell, Snow makes one last attempt to appeal to the good side of Regina. She knows the woman who saved her life once is in there somewhere. Sadly, it’s buried pretty deep within the person who wants to kill Snow White, and Regina stabs her. Luckily, Rumple had put a spell on Snow and Charming, so Regina can never again hurt them in this world. They banish her to live alone with her conscience until the end of time.

In Storybrooke, armed with this new visual evidence, the Charmings confront Regina. They tell her that Emma used magic to see the truth and Regina says, “You can use magic?” as if it only made her love her more.

Then Regina’s fury and defensiveness takes hold. She knows she didn’t do it but she also knows that now she has no hope of having anyone else believe it. Snow and her prince try to use the same fairy dust magic on her they did before, but Regina saw it coming this time. Regina magics Emma to the ground and not in the sexy way it happens in fanfics. Emma might not be able to fight back with magic yet, but she uses the one weapon she knows will—she tells Regina that Henry is going to hear all about this little stunt, and the murder.

The writers giveth Swan Queen and the writers taketh away.

Waiting for Henry to get off the school bus, Emma has a mini-parenting-panic attack and David and Mary Margaret assure her that it’s all going to be okay. They’re all going to learn how to weirdly parent each other together. It’ll be as messed up as any other family, they promise. Emma picks up Henry and tells him what had happened while he was at school. Regina watches from her Car of Sadness and it’s heartbreaking.

On the Good Ship Invisible, Cora shows Hook what she has hidden in below the ship’s deck—It’s Archie! Alive and—okay, not WELL, but alive! Hook asked who she really killed and she chuckles and says, “How should I know? I’m new in town.” And I suddenly fear for everyone in Storybrooke we hadn’t seen since the “murder.”

Next week, Rumpelstiltskin may or may not be let out into the real world. Heaven help us all. 

What did you think of “The Cricket Game”? Did you survive the emotional rollercoaster?

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