“Pretty Little Liars” recap 3.14: Pinky and the Brain

Outside the school, Mona is arranging the charity race medals and eyeballing Meredith and doing some calculations about dynamite. Next thing you know: KABOOM! Someone screams Mona’s name and the Liars come running and a charity run shed is going up in flames.

Post-explosion, it’s family time. Emily’s dad wants to know why she won’t let him into her heart space. Aria’s dad wants to know if she blew up his mistress. Hanna’s Mamaw wants her to stop watching that video of Mona because she’s as twisted as her toes. And Spencer’s brother says he finally hears her about Mona.

Only, that is a lie, because as soon as Spencer scampers off, Mona wanders onto the porch to bandage up the screwdriver hole in Jason’s torso. They smile like a couple of psychos and dude, Jason, you’ll be dead by the winter finale, I’ll bet you ten billion dollars.

The Risen Mitten dicks around with some random ginger kid’s bike. Like, at first, I think they’re setting up a thing where Paige is going to get hurt because biking is kind of her thing. But the ginger kid comes outside and A huddles in the corner and the ginger kid takes off on the bike and OOOF! is the sound he makes off-camera when he wrecks. “A” is just menacing townspeople for fun now. Here’s hoping Byron is next!

An enormous thanks, as always, to my beautiful screencapping partner Maggie (@margaretrosey) without whom I would be lost, and also without whom abusing Byron Montgomery would not be nearly as much fun. It’s so good to work with someone who knows how important it is to capture Spencer’s messy ponytail from every angle.