“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.12): “There’s the culprit.”

Casey’s sister shows up and asks if he’s been talking to some lawyer named Rick about their mom’s case. All of this is less fascinating than the fact that her name is Christie. Seriously, she was born Christie Casey? Come on parents, that’s a comic book name.

Severide meets with Boden because Shay’s eyes have magical powers over everyone. He tells the Chief that he’s got a broken neck and then says he’d like to rub some dirt on it, walk it off, and keep working until he gets it examined. Listen to how that sounded again Severide and realize that this is a really easy call. The Chief sends him home. Severide peels out in a huff, hoping that his muscle car will make him feel like he’s got some control over his life.

Severide goes to Royce’s apartment and tells her about his troubles. She tells him about the time she was an Olympic caliber gymnast. Severide remarks that she must have gotten her flexibility from that. We’ll ponder that later. She tells him about the time she got all mad at her parents and then got on her bike in the rain and rode over to Emily Fields’ house and then got kneecapped by a car on her way home. She said she healed eventually, but didn’t actually make it back to the team. So maybe not the best pep talk. Stick to being insanely gorgeous, mmmkay?

Dawson is on the phone with Ernesto, Rosa’s uncle, when Casey comes over all useless and doofy. I know he’s the hero of this story and all that but I just find him super dull. Anyway, they’re talking and Mouch delivers flowers to Dawson. There’s no card so she assumes that Mills broke the first rule of the Secret Sex Club. She’s pissed but before she can go yell at him they are called out to another accident. How’s a person supposed to properly process anything if they are forced to do actual work all the time. Jeez!

Please be from Shay, please be from Shay.

It’s an accident involving a small plane flown by Mr. Magoo that crashes in the middle of the street. People die, some guy gets chucked through a second story window. It’s all kinds of bloody and gross. So let’s just look at our ladies in their gear and move on, shall we?

Cruz shows up at the firehouse and tells Casey he is glad Casey set him straight about Flaco. Casey gets mad, or at least flares his nostrils a bunch, because damn-it how many times did he show Cruz the special handshake and then he comes to work and screws it up. God! Casey tells Cruz he never wants to talk about it again.

Cruz ends up back in the locker room and Mouch is doing his usual bullshit and Cruz isn’t laughing or playing along. Mouch, never doubts that he’s hilarious, so knows that Cruz must be bummed about something and tells Cruz they can talk any time. Cruz just wishes Dad and Papa would have the same rules because all these mixed messages are making it hard for a guy who just walked away from a dying bad guy.

Dawson lays into Mills in the most unsubtle way possible and is kind of a dick to him about it. He says he didn’t send any goddamn flowers because he knows how to keep a secret. Turns out the flowers are for both of them from the lady who they saved after drugging her dog last week. Whoops. Dawson that one’s going to cost you another meal I think.

Severide is at the doctor waiting on one of those exam tables with the crinkly paper. It’s weirdly dark like he’s in some creepy government lab and they are about to put adamantium in his bones.  

We have the technology

Hey, look who’s here? It’s Royce. She’s come to be there when Severide gets the news about his nearly headlessness. and he rewards her by calling her his girlfriend. Can we skip to the part where we see Shay reward her with sexy times? Thanks.

The doctor tells him that it’s worse than they first thought and that he’s looking at a minimum of a year before he would have any chance of being back on Squad.  She nicely crushes his dreams some more by saying no one has ever come back from this injury to work Squad again. On the bright side he could be back in four to five months if he wants to have a desk job but of course swashbuckling Severide wants none of that crap.  I get it chicks don’t go for pencil pushers even when they’re as pretty as Severide.

Mills is doing laundry and Dawson apologizes for being such a jerk.  He’s mad because he did what he said he would, keep his mouth shut, and she didn’t believe him. The Chief shows up and immediately knows what’s going on because there are no secrets from him.  

He calls them to a meeting about Severide. He says it’s going to be a hard road for him but that Severide should be encouraged to hang out at the house all the time. He also says it should be a message about not covering up injuries or self-medicating.  He takes his time making eye-contact with Shay, who gets a little twitchy in her seat. He knows everything!  

Dawson gets called out of the meeting by Ernesto who says Rosa is being deported because she’s sixteen and therefore doesn’t fit under the criteria to stay in the U.S. He gives Dawson money to help her get home because immigration will just drop her at the border, not where she actually lives. Dawson promises she’ll get the money to Rosa somehow and we’ll send Dick Wolf a thank you card for the free immigration and all the way it screws people over lesson.

Time for another call out to a gym where a basketball coach is having a heart attack. Shawson shocks him three times and he flatlines before they shock him one last time and save him. Hooray, heroines.  

Severide is at home fondling his lieutenant’s badge before shoving it in a drawer.  Shay bops into the apartment looking for Severide and meets Royce instead.  Royce is making coffee for Severide and she and Shay have a really awkward conversation.  We may be able to chalk it up to Severide telling Shay about the gymnast thing.  Shay’s head is clearly elsewhere pondering Royce particular gifts, and jesus, just look at her in that shirt!

They talk about Royce leaving for Madrid in a matter of days and Shay is weird and says not to worry because she’ll take care of Severide. What she’s really trying to say is, “girl, I would love to take care of you, I give amazing sponge baths.”