“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.12): “There’s the culprit.”

Royce is totally thrown by Shay’s weirdness and Shay has to take a breath after Royce walks away because, damn!, and it’s a serious bro code violation to be lusting after your bro’s girlfriend (just ask Chandler and Barney). But who can blame her for being unable to form proper sentences when all any gay girl can think at the sight of Carmen is “yowza.” What we really needed was a Shawson follow-up.  

Shay: I fancy that coffee girl.
Dawson: Yeah, yeah, I know you do.
Shay: She likes me, right? I got a vibe that she likes me.
Dawson: Can we talk about me?
Shay: Sure, yes.  Did you get the vibe that she likes me?

Yes, you were just flirting with Severide’s girlfriend.

Dawson goes to see Rosa and because rule breaking is her thing, the cop guarding her hospital room lets Dawson in. They chat in Spanish and …. I’m just going to skip to the resolution. Dawson convinces Casey to help her. She tells the Chief that Rosa actually told her that she’s turning sixteen but isn’t sixteen yet. Casey, in some truly horrendous Spanish, backs Dawson up and the Chief knows they are full of shit but goes along with it. Hooray, Rosa can stay, Republicans will cite this example as why immigration is too soft, and we can all go back to worrying about important things like what’s up with Casey’s mom.

Casey visits murdering mommy and we find out, via Rick the “Pen Pal” who isn’t actually a lawyer, that Casey accidentally left the key to his dad’s house, the Marauders’ Map, a flute to play some music for Fluffy, and a loaded gun, you know just to make everything easier. Murder mom drove to Papa’s crib and put a cap in his ass. Rick asks Casey some invasive and personal questions and murder mom gets mad and tells Rick to bugger off.

The Chief calls Mills in and tells him to cut it out with his personal life while he’s a candidate. Mills is like, with all due respect, I’m a grown ass man and my personal life has nothing to do with my job. The Chief informs Peter Mills that although Severide has slept with half of Chicago, he kept a clean sheet while he was a candidate and that Mills would do well to follow suit. Otherwise the Chief might not be so inclined to promote Mills later on. The Chief ships Shawson too!

Don’t you dare get in the way of my ship again, you hear me?

Casey apologizes to Dawson for being all weird because he’s been dealing with some stuff but not the Hallie stuff as Dawson assumed. He tells her about trying to get his mom out on parole and you can tell she’s sad she invited Peter Mills to her pants party when Lt. Dullsville was available. Let’s just stop right there. Who did you make that food for? Shay. She’s the right answer.

This looks oddly like Shane’s face the night before she was supposed to marry Carmen.

Severide and Casey meet up in a bar and Casey is talking about Severide’s rehab and how he’ll be around the firehouse all the time. The Severide drops the bomb that he’s moving with Royce to Madrid and will be doing his rehab there. First thought, there’s now an open spot for Dawson at Shay’s house.  Second thought, bummer, I like Severide and his relationship with Shay. Third, who can blame a guy. Hands up all of you who would turn down Carmen?  Sit the hell down Shane, we all think you’re a moron.

Thanks to everyone who played along with the #ShaycagoFire Twitter party. Here a couple highlights for those who missed it. See you back there for the next episode.