The future of “The L Word” franchise

Showtime has been giving us L Word content for the last nine years in both scripted and unscripted forms. While there had been no announcement about the fourth installment of the reality series thus far, Showtime President David Nevins told us it’s because he is working with producers Jane Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth and Ilene Chaiken on an all-together different version of lesbian life in America.

The Real L Word is an important franchise and we actually have some ideas of how we may — I want to keep the franchise going,” Nevins said. “I want to change up the show and [it’s] probably not going to continue in exactly the same form. But I’ve been taking about with Dan and Jane and Ilene about exploring sort of L Word culture, lesbian culture in places where — not New York, LA — places where the subculture is not so defined and it’s maybe not so easy. And I think we’re likely to make a documentary that will feel like a real L Word documentary. We’ve done the scripted show, we’ve done the ensemble reality show, and now it’s probably going to become a documentary this year. It’s an important franchise we’d like to continue.”

Nevins says the producers are currently doing research into the project which could go “a few different ways,” but will likely become a documentary or documentary series. It doesn’t sound like any of the current Real L Word players will be involved, outside of the producers and its network.