7 Things We’d Like to See on “Lost Girl”

As we reported earlier today, Lost Girl will be getting a forth season. We still have quite a bit of season three left and it’s shaping up to be a dynamic one. Here are a few things we at AfterEllen would like to see in the remaining episodes and in the upcoming fourth season.

1.) Doccubus continuing to rock our socksubus

Season 3 really kicked off with a bang in the Doccubus department. Make that many, many bangs. The chemistry is off the charts between Bo and Lauren, and its pretty amazing to see these women make a commitment to each other after two seasons of will they or won’t they. Their sex scenes have been intense, loving, and treated with the same respect as Bo’s previous scenes with Dyson.  One of the beautiful things about Lost Girl, is that sexuality is a complete non issue. Where is this un-named Canadian city where Bo and the gang live? I want to go to there.

The Doccubus storyline has been monumental, so much so that they won the E! Online poll for Top TV CoupleLost Girl is the little show that could and does, and hopefully the writers will keep the Doccubus momentum rolling. Season Four could involve Bo and Lauren, opening a bed and breakfast in Vancouver and adopting a puggle. Just kidding, how about just more of the good stuff.

2.) Lauren’s back story

Dr. Lauren Lewis may be beautiful, brilliant and delightfully awkward, but truth be told, we don’t know that much about the Doc outside of her relationship with Bo. Throughout the series we’ve been given a peek into the history of major players like Dyson, Trick and Kenzi but Lauren remains a sexy enigma, wrapped in a lab coat, surrounded by mystery. We found out recently that she spent time in Afghanistan, which was as big a shock to viewers as it was to Kenzi. Lauren is such a fantastically complex character, that I hope we get to see her past and intentions explored.

3.) More Vex!

When we first meet Vex, well there isn’t much to like. Ruthless, brutal, cocky, the Dark Fae dude had it out for our girl Bo. Vex however is the kind of character that grows on you, not unlike Kenzi’s rash.  I fell for Vex the moment he made a breakdancing fool out of The Morrigan. He’s unpredictable and not to be counted on, but his budding friendship with Kenzi added a really special element of sweetness to the show. Who doesn’t love a guy who will share his best eyelash brush with a bud? Finding himself sans power, he recently headed out of town to do a little soul searching. Here’s hoping he returns soon and becomes a great ally to Team Bo and friend to Kenzi. Let’s face it; she could use another buddy since Hale has been kind of an Ash-hole lately.

4.) A new love interest for Dyson

Ok, ok, so we know Dyson’s got his love back. Wolves mate for life, yadda yadda. Here’s the deal though; I do feel awful bad thinking that Dyson is cursed to a life without love if he can’t be with Bo. He could have told Bo at any point that he can love her again, but he hasn’t. He isn’t trying to stand in the way of her and Lauren. When he saw that Bo was happy, he didn’t want to be the cause of that unraveling. Dyson is nothing if not stoic. So, lets give Wolfman a super awesome love interest in Season Four that can ease the pain of losing Bo. (What about Kenzi? Ah come on, I can’t be the only one who has thought about that ship!)

5.) Friendship between Lauren and Kenzi

Kenzi has always been Team Dyson, and made no bones about it. It’s understandable, since Dyson has always been there for Kenzi and she knows his big secret. Add to that the fact that Lauren and Kenzi don’t exactly have personalities that compliment one another. Being the only humans in a world full of Fae certainly does give them at least one thing in common. It would be nice to see a bond form between the two, even if it’s just out of love for Bo. Methinks Kenzi views Lauren as a threat in a way she didn’t with Dyson.  Kenzi, don’t worry, just because Lauren is a lady doesn’t mean Bo doesn’t have room in her heart for both of you.

6.) Tamsin’s character development

There is a lot to like about newbie Dark Fae, Tamsin. She’s hot, no nonsense, likes to break the rules… did I mention hot?   We just don’t know Tamsin that well yet, and Season Four can give us a chance to get better acquainted.  We do know that Tamsin is a Valkyrie (someone who decides who lives and who dies on the battlefield) and when she gets her Dark Fae mojo on, her face turns a little, well, terrifying.  Her first few appearances came off as a little one dimensional, but with her becoming closer to Dyson and Bo and further from the Dark, there is a lot of potential for this Fae yet. It almost seems as if in some way, she longs to be a part of their unit, the motley crew that is Team Bo. I’d love to see a really meaty storyline for Tamsin in Season Four, perhaps doing the unforgivable and trying to switch from Dark to Light. That, or at least more cussing, drinking and punching of Dysons.

7.) A new coat of paint

People, it’s chilly in Canada. Chez Bo, has no insulation or drywall. Or walls at all. I’m pretty sure they stole their refrigerator from a pizzeria. By Season Four, the girls should have saved up a little money from their super sleuthing to pop into Home Depot and spruce up the house. Lauren and Tamsin could lend a hand. Sigh, Dyson too. I can’t help but think that house should be condemned, and I’m concerned that the ceiling might cave in while Doccubus is mid-deed. Perhaps Bo and Kenzi can move into a nice two-bedroom townhouse, with really, really good soundproofing.

What would you like to see happen on Lost Girl?