10 TV shows that need to add lesbian characters


Photo courtesy: NBC

It’s no secret that Smash has been NBC’s biggest migraine of the last two years. During the off-season, they fired the creator, axed a whole bunch of hated characters, brought on the showrunner from Gossip Girl, hired the ever fabulous Jennifer Hudson, and basically just rewired the whole shebang. The show is unapologetically gay as a window — progressively gay for broadcast network TV, even — and yet we haven’t seen a single lesbian. A huge cast on a show set in Manhattan. Come on, now. Be for real, Smash.


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Nashville has turned out to be this season’s slow-burner, but the lady-centric drama gets better and better every week. Callie Khouri, the show’s creator, is also the writer of a little film called Thelma & Louise, so we know she knows the power of the female bond. At this point, the three leading ladies have nine men, total, fighting over them. That’s a lot of testosterone for an estrogen-based drama. How great would it be to introduce a Chely Wright-esque character to the mix? It’d be refreshing and real and highly relevant.

Whatever Thing The CW Does Next

Photo courtesy: The CW

The CW has some serious time slots to fill this fall, what with the cancellation of 90210 and the end of Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie not pulling in much in the way of ratings. The network could actually take a couple of clues from ABC Family, one of the biggest ones being that social media success changes everything and lesbian/bi viewers are a key component of social media success. So, whatever direction The CW decides to go, it’d be smart (and awesome!) to bring gay ladies along for the ride.


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Love Girls or hate Girls, we can all agree that if four girls live in Brooklyn, at least one of them is bisexual.

The Mindy Project

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It came as a bit of a surprise when Fox announced an early second season order for Mindy Kaling‘s sitcom. The ratings and critical reception have been lukewarm as the show has tried to find its voice in its freshman season. We expect a bit of retooling in the off-season, which isn’t a bad thing. Two of the most critically acclaimed female-fronted comedies on TV right now, Parks and Recreation and New Girl, needed nearly a full season to find their feet as well. The Mindy Project‘s most troubling issues this year have been the off-putting rom-com cliches and the fact that it perpetually fails the Bechdel Test. One way to turn that around immediately would be to introduce a lesbian lead to the mix. As New Girl taught us already this season, you can’t go wrong introducing a lesbian gynecologist (aka “a va-genius”). Maybe Trish Bendix should remind Kaling that she wants a better lesbian rep!