Hanna Marin’s 20 best season 3 one-liners on “Pretty Little Liars”

When Hanna sauntered in to “The Rosebud” looking all confused, sipping on her pink drink, and sporting a t-shirt that said “From Paris with Love” with a little bow tie on the Eiffel Tower, we fell in lust. But it was way back in Season 1 when she said to our favorite lesbian Emily Fields, “You were Emily dating Ben and now you’re Emily dating Maya. We love Emily. No one cares who you’re with” that we fell in love with Hanna Marin. We get sweet gems like that from Hanna often on Pretty Little Liars, but it’s her comments about fashion, A’s antics, boys, and (recently) lesbians that leave us in stitches. Hanna, you will always be our “gay thing.” Never change.

Today’s Pretty Little Liars Best of Season 3 — Hanna’s 20 Best One-Liners — has been my favorite list yet. That Ashley Benson can land a joke like nobody’s business!