“Lost Girl” recap (3.09): A girl walks into a Dawning

Right, so I’m not sure. Do you guys have some BIG LESBIAN FEELINGS (234-comments worth) about this season of Lost Girl? Well, prepare for those feelings to get even bigger because there’s a wolf in hero’s clothing in Bo’s bed. And he just got her pregnant. Lesbian Bat Signal, activated.

Meanwhile, in a non-alternate universe, Bo and Kenzi (oh, hai Kenzi – we missed you) are chasing after a rather large, bearded Fae fellow for his sweat. It’s just more super gross preparation for the Dawning. You know, the most important, the most grueling, the most brutal challenge of Bo’s life.

So guess what that obviously means – time for girl talk! Bo frets to Kenzi over Lauren not answering any of her last 27 texts. Oh, and about the fact that she kissed Tamsin. Kenzi mirrors a large portion of the AfterEllen readership by responding, “Dude, that is so inconsiderate to Lauren. Wait, you kissed Tamsin? Um, that’s kind of hot. Tell me more.”

Just then the original opposing points of the triangle-turned-trapezoid meet in an awkward exchange in Lauren’s apartment. Dyson drops by to give Lauren some files. And Lauren admits she’s been working feverishly on any kind of sciencey solution to Bo’s dilemma. This, in a strange way, bonds them. You know that saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Well in this case their common, uniting enemy is the Dawning.

In a classic moment of Lauren’s quietly controlled honesty, she confesses to the one other person who probably understands that she sometimes has a hard time believing that she ever found someone like Bo, or that she even exists. And in another classic Lauren move, she smiles that smirk with those downturned eyes that melts our hearts into a collective warm puddle of emotions. Dyson says he’s glad she and Bo are in such a good place, and leaves. Actions speak louder than words, wolfie. No sit, stay and be a good boy.

Back in the chase, Bo and Kenzi wind up in a warehouse where instead of finding hairy man musk they find lacy supermodels. Not that I am complaining. Stella has tricked Bo into stumbling on an all-you-can-suck smorgasbord to power up for the Dawning. Consider it the succubus equivalent of carbo loading. But instead of pigging out at the buff bod buffet, Bo gets indignant. She refuses to feed because – wait, why now exactly?