“Lost Girl” previews a big Fae v. Human showdown

Yes, yes – Fae v. Human War. Yes, yes – Kenzi is in trouble. Yes, yes –the Morrigan is back. All I really want to know after watching the preview for the penultimate Lost Girl episode of the season is WHO IS IN THE TUB WITH TAMSIN?

OK, so, admittedly, I got a little ahead of myself here. But the preview for next week’s episode is so jam-packed with news and information it practically boggles the mind. Dyson gets kidnapped by humans. The Morrigan declares all humans are now terrorists at the Ash’s inauguration. Kenzi gets chased by steroid in a tight T-shirt. Tamsin takes a bullet for Bo. And still, still, what I want to know most is who is in the tub with Tamsin. It’s definitely Bo’s apartment, and it sure looks like it could be the back of Bo’s head.

I’ve loved the addition of Tamsin from the beginning and will be sorely disappointed if that bullet kills her off for good. Also, good luck dealing with all the angry Copubus/Valkybus fans bearing torches. Look, we need more strong, sexy wise-asses in the world and on our televisions, period. So let’s just all hope that’s just a flesh wound and we’ll have Tams will be back in action for season 4. M’kay?

Syfy has also released an extended clip from next week’s episode, centered around Kenzi. Poor little not-a-pet. The preview also brings up the tantalizing possibility of humans turning into Fae, which was hinted at briefly in a previous episode. Also, is this the same guy Kenz was kissing earlier? So many questions.

I must give the Lost Girl writers major kudos for spending an entire season subtly playing up what appears to be the big pending Fae v. Humans showdown with all those little “not one of us” digs and species-centered comments. Slow clap, writers, slow clap.

Here is the official synopsis of the episode, titled “Hail, Hale:”

A daring attack on the Dal Riata bar leaves a life hanging in the balance. Meanwhile, Kenzi and Hale are caught in the crossfire when the Morrigan attempts to ignite tensions between Light Fae and Dark Fae.

It’s also nice to see the Morrigan finally make an appearance again. I’ve missed her delicious wickeness. I’ve also missed Vex. Wonder if he’ll be back for the big showdown. Just think of all the equally delicious dialogue Vex/Tamsin could have had this season together. Though, as is, there’ll be no way the show will be able to wrap up all the big-time storylines they’re developing in just two episodes. So, again, fingers crossed for next season.

So, how do you think this is all going to play out? Who is this mysterious Wanderer who keeps plotting world domination for Bo? (My guess, her dad.) Why are all these Light and Dark Fae winding up dead? (My guess, to incite the species war between humans and Fae.) What role does Dr. Taft play in all of this? (My guess, a big one.) And where’s Lauren in the preview (My guess, not feeling that great about her latest career move.)

Buckle up, it’s going to be an eventful last two episodes.