Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 11, 2007)

Dreamworks has won the bidding war to produce the Peter Jackson-directed adaptation
of The Lovely Bones, the best-selling 2003 novel about the aftermath of the murder of a 14-year-old girl named Susie, as she watches her friends and family cope with the tragedy from her vantage point up in her own personalized version of heaven. One of the main characters, a friend of Susie’s named Ruth, grows up to become a lesbian, but will that little detail make it to the big screen?

New York magazine recently reviewed the script, and they say it stays pretty close to the book, but the review doesn’t mention what happens with Ruth’s sexual orientation. Jackson did direct Heavenly Creatures (1994), which included a lesbian relationship (albeit one that led to murder). But given that Ruth’s homosexuality is only a minor subplot revealed late in The Lovely Bones, and Hollywood has a long history of de-gaying characters, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this gets dropped from the film. Because child rape and murder is one thing. But lesbianism? That’s pushing it.

Casting should be announced soon, and production starts on the film in October. I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

Earlier this week, Stephen Colbert addressed the recent hate crimes legislation passed in the House (that Bush has threatened to veto) in this segment about discrimination against America’s newest minority group: the intolerant. Check it out:

Hilarious! I watched it twice, and I’m still not sure which moment I like better: when Colbert calls anti-gay crusader James Dobson the “Rosa Parks of intolerance” or when he asks Georgia representative Lynn Westmoreland to name the Ten Commandments, and he can’t name even one. Maybe that’s why Westmoreland is campaigning to have them inscribed on a tablet outside his office — so he can use it as a big, stone Cliffs Notes.

Lifetime‘s upcoming series State of Mind, starring Lili Taylor, is created and co-written by bisexual author and psychotherapist
Amy Bloom, who wrote Normal: Transsexual CEOS, Crossdressing Cops and Hermaphrodites
With Attitude
. Although Taylor’s character, who is based on Bloom, won’t be bisexual, the series will include story lines about a transgender teen
as well a custody battle between two women, among others, according to Lifetime.

State of Mind centers on a group of therapists and one lawyer “whose
personal problems rival those of their eclectic and offbeat patients.”
Devon Gummersall, Kevin Chamberlin, Mido Hamada, Derek Riddell and Theresa
Randle also star — but with Lili Taylor in the lead, does it really matter
who else is in it? As Malinda told me in an email after she watched the pilot, “it seems like something women (and lesbians) will really like: a lot of processing, a lot of emotional drama, and Lili Taylor.” The show premieres on July 15th.