Jane Lynch wins as the host of “Hollywood Game Night”

Within the first two minutes of Hollywood Game Night, I was totally ready for the ride. The beginning montage included the always spectacular Jane Lynch, a plethora of celebs, ridiculous party games and copious amounts of booze. Pure genius NBC.

Hollywood Game Night - Season 1

The inaugural episode last night featured Martin Short, Lisa Kudrow, and the always lovely Alyson Hannigan on Team One. Team Two was comprised of Matthew Perry, new mother Kristen Bell, and Daniel Dae Kim. Every week each team will be captained by a “normie” who has a shot at walking away with $25,000. That is if they can wrangle their celebrity team into a win as they get progressively drunker.

First game of the night was Crunch Time aka Our Corporate Sponsors. The teams were presented with a bowl of snacks on screen and had to guess its contents. Not the best start, but it did make me feel really good about myself when I answered all of them right. Than sad when I realized I had way too much knowledge about snack food. Next game up was Take the (Hint) where each celebrity could give a one word hint to get the team captain to guess a person, place, or thing. This round was a sad disaster for Team Two, much to the delight of Martin Short, whose trash talking continued for the rest of the night. I love mean drunks.

Lil’ Picassos was third in the game line up. A local magnet school painted eight of their favorite stars. Once a painting was revealed a team member from each side could guess or wait for a clue if the representation was completely indiscernible. One of the paintings featured a celeb on the couch that evening, Matthew Perry. A nice consolation gift for the most attacked that evening. Insults that ranged from his hair to his playing ability were hurled at him throughout gameplay.

The fourth game was entitled Timeline. Each team was presented with photos of a hunky male celeb at different time periods in his career. One celebrity team member was selected to arrange the pics while being yelled at from the couch by the remainder of their team. This was followed by the final game for the evening, I Love A Charade. I am sure we can all guess the premise of this round. Once again Team Two was trounced by Team One, sending their team captain to the bar while Team One went onto the Bonus Round.

The Bonus Round is where the team captain has the chance to win the big bucks. That night’s lucky contestant, Kevin, chose Alyson Hannigan to be his teammate for a round of Celebrity Name Game. Jane explains to Alyson that she had 90 seconds to get Kevin to guess 10 celebrities based on her clues. If she succeeds, Kevin gets the full amount and can put a down payment on a new home and she gets $10,000 for her selected charity. No pressure at all, Alyson. Unfortunately after seven right guesses things just fell apart, but both walked away with $7,000. Kevin reassured Alyson that it was OK, but I could tell it wasn’t. He was definitely hitting her up in the green room for the rest of his cash.

I will definitely keep tuning into Hollywood Game Night. It was fun watching the interactions between all the randomly chosen celebrities and Lynch was a great host/babysitter. Plus there is always a good chance a future guest may imbibe too much and cause a scene. That chance alone is worth tuning in for each week.

Hollywood Game Night airs Thursdays on NBC at 10/9 EST.