The Top 65 Kick-Ass Female Fantasy Characters

24. Black Widow, The Avengers


Saving Manhattan from Loki while holding her own in a movie full of dudes, Natalia Romanova always had us right where she wanted us.

23. Yu Shu Lien, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Yu Shu Lien

If you need your most prized possession, your sword, your Green Destiny, transported safely to its new owner, you’re going to want to entrust that thing to Yu Shu Lien.

22. Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins


Practically perfect in every way.

21. Mulan, Mulan


Her reflection always showed us who she was inside.

20. Mrs. Andrews/Annabelle, Freaky Friday


Marching band, electric typewriting, photography, water skiing, car repair, and catering dinner for a party of 25. All in days work for Annabelle and Ms. Andrews, trapped in the other person’s body.

19. Gabrielle, Xena: Warrior Princess


The Battling Bard of Potidaea, Gabby is a master of the fighting staff and the sais. She’s also an Amazon Princess. Er, Queen. An Amazon Queen.