“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.01): Do You Believe In Magic?

Mulan asks Neal a bit about Storybrooke, since he grew up in the Enchanted Forest but then was sent to the Real World. He tells her how they’re all just stories in that world, and that they made a movie about her. Before he can break into “I’ll Make A Man Out of You,” she asks him what a movie is. He decides that’s a lesson for another day and asks to be taken to his father’s castle. To Rumplestiltskin’s castle.

Speak of the Dark One, he has just arrived in Neverland to find Tamara writhing around on the ground. Like most bad guys, she didn’t die with the first shot. He heals her enough for her to point in the direction Henry ran off before ripping out her heart and squeezing it to dust. So long, Tamara.  I’ll miss your face, but not your evil, anti-magic ways.

OUAT 301-6Death by magic, delicious irony.

In a hilarious five-way fight, the crew of the Jolly Roger try to decide what to do with the mermaid. Someone wants it gone, someone wants to use her as a hostage, someone just want to kill her. All of these things are being yelled with amazing fish jokes slotted in at random. The mermaid interrupts by blowing into a conch shell. She tells them that it was a warning, with a haughtiness a fish out of water has no right to express.

This sets them off and their fight escalates, Snow screaming about fish brutality, until finally Regina takes matters into her own hands and turns the mermaid into wood. She seemed certain that this would end the storm, but all it did was create a giant tidal wave.

OUAT 301-7Those pull-ups are paying off, Emma.

The tidal wave did nothing to quell the fighting, however. Snow demands that Regina turn the mermaid back, and Regina literally sasses Snow by saying she’ll surely “”win her over with your rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers.” Well, that was the last straw. No one insults Snow White’s unicorn stickers.

In a rainbow rage, Snow punches Regina right in the face. Regina punches her right back. Charming goes to join in, but Hook tries to pull him back, causing THEM to engage in fisticuffs. Emma suddenly realizes that it’s not the mermaids, but their fighting that’s causing the storm. She then does what I wish I could do every time I’m near people I care about fighting and dives head-first into the ocean. A leap of faith, if you will.

OUAT 301-8“We’ll never find her! This filter is far too dark!”

In the Enchanted Forest, Neal and his new friends (our old friends) arrive at the castle to find Robin Hood there. He had been using the abandoned castle to rest up after his head transplant surgery, but quickly backs down when Neal admits to being Baelfire. Neal picks up a walking stick and swooshes it around a bit, causing a cupboard to appear in the wall.

Back in Neverland, Henry and Ex-Lost Boy are cornered, but Henry grabs the pixie dust and says they’re going to fly. The Ex-Lost Boy reminds him that it doesn’t work, but Henry insists that he believes enough for the both of them. Sure enough, the stuff kicks in mid-air and they fly away just in time.

On the Jolly Roger, Regina says that she can’t pull Idiot Emma out of the ocean with magic because of the storm, she’d bring up too much water with her. Charming decides to save her the old-fashioned way. He ties a rope around his waist and jumps in. They all work together to pull Charming and Emma out of the ocean, and as Emma coughs up a lungful of water onto the ship’s deck, the storm clears.

In the forests of Neverland, Rumple is skipping along in search of Henry when the extra-sinister Head Lost Boy greets him. He gives him a series of messages from Peter Pan, all as threatening as the scar on his face. Rumple isn’t frightened, he’s certain he won’t survive this, but he intends on bringing as many people down with him when he goes. The Head Lost Boy starts to leave, but before Rumple can pat himself on the back for besting an angsty teenager, a small homemade doll lands at his feat. The Head Lost Boy points out how funny it is how things from our past can affect us so deeply before sneering and leaving Rumple in a sorry heap.

In Rumplestiltskin’s castle, Neal opens the newly revealed cupboard and it’s full of trinkets, not unlike Gold’s shop. He tries to get a crystal ball to work, but he can’t until Mulan tells him to think with his heart and not his brain. When he does as she says, Emma’s image appears in the orb. He gasps, because somehow he can differentiate between the trees of Maine and the trees of Neverland and knows she’s not in Storybrooke anymore.

Our shipwrecked crew rows up onto the shores of Neverland and Emma turns to face her motley crew. She tells them that they need to all put on their grown-up pants and believe in each other. “You want to be…friends?” Regina asks, a hopeful glint in her eyes. Emma says she doesn’t expect that much, just cooperation. She says they all have skills that can help, hero, villain, and pirate alike. Idiots, too. Regina, feeling a little burned by the friendship rejection, asks, “What’s your skill, Savior?”

A fire lights behind Emma’s eyes and she’s like, “I’m a mother, and I’m your mother-effing leader now. So man up, line up, and shut up. And call me Khaleesi while you’re at it.”

OUAT 301-9“My skill is crazy-eyes, striking fear in the hearts of mine enemies.”

Not too far above their heads, the Ex-Lost Boy and Henry are flying around and drop down into the forest. Henry is all proud of himself. “See? All it takes is faith and trust–” But the boy interrupts him. He knows the saying. It’s his saying. This boy has been Peter Pan all along. A darkness creeps over his pixie-face and he says that he seeks the heart of the truest believer, and little Henry has proven to be just that. He cries out for his Lost Boys (though sadly doesn’t rooster-crow for them) and once again Henry finds himself in a heap of trouble.