“Degrassi” recap (13B.1): This is How We Do It

That night after playing video games until one o’clock in the morning, Dallas tells Drew that he’s tired and heads to bed. Drew makes a bed on the couch in front of a table decked with picture frames. Because he’s still wired, he decides to take one of the pills his doctor prescribed for him. As he drifts off to sleep, the camera pulls back and focuses on a picture of Adam. Drew is awakened by a call from his fiancé, Bianca, and is shocked to discover that it’s nine a.m.  Although this means he is late for school, it also means that he finally slept! The fact that he doesn’t remember calling Bianca at four in the morning doesn’t faze him.


When he arrives at school, he finds Imogen lying on a pile of sand in the parking lot, tanning. As if this isn’t confusing enough, he’s then confronted by an irate Clare who accuses him of ordering sand and beach decorations for the dance without her.


When Drew complains about Clare’s behavior to Dallas, Dallas informs him that he did in fact order the sand. Dallas heard Drew banging around in the kitchen at three in the morning and came downstairs to find Drew eating ice cream and ordering sand, palm trees and tiki torches online. Drew and Dallas realize that Drew must’ve been sleep walking as a result of taking his pills. The only thing left to do is pray that Drew wins the vote in student council. As he watches a pretty young girl walk by, Drew says he thinks there might be a way to make that happen.

Meanwhile, Zoe is starting her first year at Degrassi. As she is registering for school, she complains to her mother about having to attend “this steaming hellhole.”  She confesses that she is worried that people will find out why she has been kicked off her show, West Drive.

Yet, it seems as if she has a lot more to worry about, such as being iced out by her former flame, Miles.  First he greets her with a disgusted “You go here now?” when she shows up to his first class. Zoe tries to make an excuse to leave the classroom, but when the teacher insists she get over her boy drama and chill out, she get’s angry and flustered and throws her iced coffee on him.

Later, Zoe tries to make the most out of a bad situation and attempts to have conversation with Miles, Tristan and Maya in the hall. Miles shuts her down by saying,  “Let me put this in television terms so that you can understand. I don’t do reruns. Especially not with mean girls.” His tone is so harsh that even Maya’s face registers sympathy for Zoe, and yet, Maya follows Miles down the hall anyway.  As Zoe backs away muttering “screw you,” in their general direction, she trips and falls right into Drew’s arms.  As she lies there smiling up at him, he persuades her to come to come with him to the student council meeting. “I need you,” he says. “I’ll explain on the way.”

At the student council meeting, Clare is surprised to find a gaggle of young girls sitting at the table. Drew informs her that he filled some open position—drama rep, outdoors club rep, and so on. When she objects, he asks her if she really wants him to turn away eager new council members. The Beach Blast dance wins by one vote with the help of Drew’s new recruits and Clare is so frustrated she quits council and storms out. Drew doesn’t miss a beat and moves forward planning the dance. He announces that he will need everyone’s contact info and hands Zoe his phone. She enters her digits into his phone and says that he should feel free to call her anytime.


That night, lying next to pictures of Adam, Drew struggles to fall asleep once again. So, he takes another pill. Later, Zoe phone rings and, although groggy, she is pleased to discover Drew on the other end of the line.  Drew drowsily thanks her for helping him today, telling her that he so glad that she fell into his arm. The episode ends as Drew lies on the couch, obviously out of it, going on and on about Zoe’s beauty.