“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.4): Hey There, Sharkbait

Any episode where Meredith works lyrics from The Muppet Show into her opening monologue, is going to have a sense of whimsy. Grey’s can’t be all tragedy, all the time. As my momma used to say, you’ve got to let the kitty get the string once in a while. This episode is a giant ball of shiny string for us to bat around while we wait for the next piano to fall on our heads.

It’s the day of the hospital gala y’all, and boy does it look swanky. There’s a red carpet, McDreamy in a tux, and one gorgeous gown after another. Jackson has been in charge of throwing the gala, and Owen is concerned that perhaps he went a little overboard. That concern is magnified when the Chief walks through the doors and sees the spectacle. The gala looks like prom in a gay bar, with accents of Cirque de Soleil. Owen is not pleased. Jackson assures him that they are in good hands and refers to his party planner Ari, whose dress is giving us sexy Big Bird realness. With all the fire-eaters and wild unicyclers, it’s a good thing this place is crawling with doctors.


Not having such a grand time is Bailey. Meredith stops by before the gala to check on Richard, and he’s not getting any better. In fact, Bailey tells her, he’s getting worse. Meredith decides that if he wants to throw this pity party for himself, then let him.

The interns are working this evening because all the other doctors are at the Gala. Stephanie is angry that her boyfriend Jackson didn’t invite her, and considers a career as a professional junk puncher. Alex swaggers in, all tuxy and grumpy just as a group of older junkies are wheeled in. They were high on heroin and crashed a car into a tree. Something about one of the men strikes a chord in Alex.


At the gala, Meredith, Cristina and Callie are looking all kinds of beautiful. One thing you can say about these docs; they do clean up well. Meredith tells her friends that she and Derek are going crazy from all their pent up surgery energy, and everything around the house has become a competition. Callie notices all the clown waiters and gets excited when she remembers that Bailey is scared of them. Maybe this won’t be so terrible after all.


Bailey isn’t coming to the party though and Callie’s glee deflates like a balloon. Meanwhile, we learn that Derek can juggle. Seriously, what can’t this guy do? The doctors set off to charm the pants off of some donors. Callie finds a donor who is all enamored with her TED talk. At first she’s flattered, but then Arizona walks in the room looking sad and stunning, and Callie can’t look away. When the donor mistakenly assumes that Callie’s wife passed away, she decides to go with it. Owen runs into Meredith and Cristina, and Cristina takes the opportunity to reinforce the whole “we should date other people” thing. Cristina, can’t you let the guy have one night?


Back at the hospital, Bailey is working with a cancer patient named Gene. Gene is pretty racist, so we will call him, Racist Gene. Anyway, Bailey has to deliver the news to Racist Gene that his cancer has progressed too far for any treatment to work. She brings up end of life care, which he doesn’t want to hear about. Unless Hooters has gone into the hospice business, he’s not interested.

Alex is camped out by the hors d’oeuvre station, shoving shrimp into his grimace when Jo shows up looking lovely. From the look on his face, he’s either troubled or one of those shrimp has turned. April finally arrives and is all aglow because shit like this is her wheelhouse. She hands a stressed out Jackson a glass of champagne, which he discovers is warm. Quelle horror! Turns out, there’s no ice. Someone, quick, chop up one of those swan sculptures over by the shrimp. Owen is doing pretty well, charming up a set of donors, when a beautiful woman approaches him. She makes serious googly eyes at him, and when he spies Cristina doing some flirting of her own across the room, he decides to go for it. Speaking of flirting, Derek saddles up to Meredith and teases her about her own flirty, sparkly eyes. She tells him to go find some balls to juggle. These two are totally going to have sex later in this episode.


April heads back to the hospital and runs into a crying Arizona in the supply closet. Arizona tries to pretend that she’s fine, but April knows that she could probably use a friend right now.

Ross and the other interns are swimming in ER patients and they couldn’t be happier. Ross is kind of getting off on the whole chaos thing. Alex comes back to the hospital, under the guise of checking on a patient, but it’s really because something about Heroin Guy has him all distracted.