Time-traveling, crime-fighting, inter-species lesbian super-couple will return to “Doctor Who”

I’m a lizard woman from the dawn of time, and this is my wife

Great news, Whovians: Our favorite time-traveling, crime-fighting, inter-species lesbian super-couple will be back on Doctor Who! That’s right, Madame Vastra and Jenny will be shepherding Twelve onto our TVs in 2014. Neve McIntosh (Vastra herself) chatted with Flicks and the City at London Comic-Con and confirmed that she and Catrin Stewart will return to work with Peter Capaldi.

“Moffat’s already said that we’re going to be in this next series. So now it’s out on the interweb and it’s official — unless he changes his mind!”

The last time we saw Vastra and Jenny was in the seventh series finale, “The Name of the Doctor,” an episode that very nearly crushed millions of lesbian hearts when Jenny was killed by the Intelligence. Luckily, through the magic of time travel and the gravitas of Vastra threatening to maim and murder pretty much everyone in the known galaxies if her wife wasn’t returned to her at once, Jenny’s was resurrected.

I’m sorry, dear, did I say something insensitive again? I don’t know why you put up with me.

The couple (plus their sidekick Strax) have easily been the top fan-favorite guest stars during Matt Smith‘s tenure as the Doctor, so it’s heartening to hear they’re not going anywhere when he exits the show. And like Smith himself, McIntosh thinks she and Jenny and Strax should get their own spin-off. She told Flicks and the City: 

“[We’d be] fantastic for a spin-off series. Come on, Moffat! I would love for it to happen, or at least a special outing for us. You can do so much with Victorian times, plus it’s got that sort of steampunk edge to it, so it can be a bit edgier and a bit more dangerous. The sexual themes in it, as well, should be talked about more, and embraced more.”

What, exactly does she have in mind for her lesbian Silurian and her wife? “More, just more!”

You can watch the full interview below. But be warned: Neve McIntosh’s Scottish lilt might make your heart explode.

Are you excited that Vastra and Jenny are coming back to Doctor Who?