U Mad? Which lesbian/bi character loss still pisses you off?

When we decided to launch a poll to determine the best lesbian/bi characters on TV, we knew we were wading into a potential pool of rage. See, because we’re only ranking characters who are alive on currently active shows, which leaves out a lot of our favorite characters because of how All Gay Ladies Go to Heaven, and also their shows get cancelled. So, we thought we’d offer up a place for us to process all the anger we’re still holding onto. Here are my top six:

Betty McRae, Bomb Girls


Global TV’s cancellation of Bomb Girls is a tragedy on par with Firefly only making it one season, and one of the main reasons it still stings so badly is because Betty McRae is the lesbian Rosie the Riveter we’ve been searching for our whole loves. Fierce, loyal, hardworking, closeted because of her time and place in the world, hard on the outside, gooey caramel center on the inside. If we don’t get that movie, fandom is going to pull a collective Gene Corbett.

Kenya Rosewater, Defiance


Her relationship with Stahma Tarr was the most interesting one on Defiance, which is saying something since the show takes place in a dystopian future where multiple alien races and humans are trying to figure out how to co-exist on a planet they destroyed while trying to annihilate each other. Kenya looks like Jenny Schecter and sounds like Jenny Schecter, but when Stahma poisoned her lover and killed her dead, it was infinitely sadder than when we lost Jenny Schecter.

Naomi Campbell, Skins


Technically, Naomi wouldn’t be eligible for this poll anyway because Skins Fire was a one-off, but I’m not going to miss a chance to say that the callous, cruel, irresponsible way her show killed her still makes my blood feel like lava in my veins.

Anne, Go On


NBC cancelled Go On just when it was getting so good. And as the mirror of everything Matthew Perry‘s character went through on the show, Julie White‘s Anne was getting mega screentime. She was the lesbian sitcom character we’ve been praying for since Ellen‘s show tanked after she came out. RIP sapphic sass and smarts and mad game.

Alice Calvert, Under the Dome


This is all Elaine Atwell‘s fault. She made me watch this show. She made me fall in love with these characters. She made me cry like a little bitch when she recapped Alice’s DomeDeath. We hardly knew her! We needed so much more!

Tara Maclay, Buffy


Because Buffy still should have lasted 100 seasons, and Tara’s life too.

Which lesbian/bi character death or show cancellation still makes you mad? Which characters should be eligible for our current poll, but aren’t because of Dark Magic?