“Degrassi” (13B.4) recap: “Everything You’ve Done Wrong”

This week on Degrassi, Imogen and Becky are working on launching Degrassi TV. As they work on making the “breaking news” logo more dynamic, Becky thanks Imogen for letting her work on DTV. Becky admits that it’s been hard for her since Adam passed because he was pretty much her only friend at school.  The image of the two of them standing around a computer together working on a shared project looks promising, like perhaps Becky and Imogen will actually be able to be friends.

That is until Becky starts peppering Imogen with questions: Why was Adam so desperate to call her? What really happened last summer? No one will tell her what happened and she suspects that people are covering something up.  Becky knows she should move on but she can’t stop thinking about it. She begs Imogen to tell her what she knows.

Flustered, Imogen interrupts Becky’s plea and demands that she finish the letters for the logo. They launch DTV tomorrow! Then she quickly walks out. Becky watches her go, confused and disappointed.

Winston as anchor

Later, Drew finds Imogen freaking out.

“I can’t work with Becky. I just can’t!” she insists.  “How am I supposed to look her in the eye when I know I kissed her dead boyfriend?”

“Imogen…” Drew attempts to interrupt, but Imogen is on a panicked roll.

“I made out with Adam and he felt so guilty about it that he ran off to text Becky. And then he just… died.”

Drew puts his hand on Imogen’s shoulder. “Look. Nothing that happened was your fault.”

“But Becky doesn’t know what happened. And now she’s asking me about it and I don’t know what to tell her.”

Imogen freaks out

Drew and Imogen debate whether or not Imogen should lie to Becky or tell her the truth. Neither choice seems like a good option. Finally, Drew suggests that Imogen put herself in Becky’s shoes.  If she were Becky, Drew asks, what would she want to hear?

Imogen decides that the best thing to is to avoid the situation altogether. She tries to run DTV on her own but she is obviously overwhelmed. She forgets to hit the record button as Winston teases a future investigative report on the third floor vending machines and Winston proves to be a bit of a diva. Imogen begins to realize that she needs Becky.

becky's confused

Imogen sees Becky in the cafeteria and approaches her. Yet, before she can come clean Becky apologizes for bringing up Adam.  Either out of guilt or sympathy, Imogen tells Becky what she really needs to hear.

“He missed you,” Imogen says.

“What?” Becky asks.

“That’s why Adam left to call you. Because he missed you.”

Becky is surprised, but relieved.  She begins to cry. “Oh. Uh…’cause we had been fighting, and I didn’t know if….”

“He just really wanted to hear your voice,” Imogen reassures her.  “He wouldn’t shut up about it. He loved you. He really, really loved you.”

Becky throws her arms around Imogen. “Thank you so much!”

Becky Hugs Imogene
Becky smiles through her tears. It isn’t the whole truth but it isn’t a lie, either.  It’s just enough to give Becky some closure.

After Becky wipes away her tears, Imogen makes her an offer. It seems she wasn’t able to fire Winston from the anchor gig ( he threatened to sue Imogen for wrongful termination) , but Imogen thinks that Becky would make an excellent co-anchor.  Imogen says she thinks that Becky could help balance Winston out.

Becky smiles

After another hug everything seems to be all right in the world of Degrassi TV.  But how long will it last? The truth always comes out, doesn’t it?  How long do you think Imogen can keep her summer fling with Adam a secret?