“Lost Girl” melts our ice cream with a promo for its new season

In case there was ever any doubt, Lost Girl reminds us that it loves us–it really loves us. Wait, did I say love? I meant lust. Yeah, I definitely meant lust.


The new promo for the fourth season of the hit Canadian series about a bisexual succubus and her band of Fae and human friends and lovers is hot. Like melt your ice cream hot. Like melt your, well, um–you know–hot.


Yeah, you’re going to want to rewind that. A lot. Forever. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. But while we’re all waiting, how about some screencaps? Yeah, you’re definitely going to want some screencaps.




It’s like they’re doing it on purpose. They’re making Boobs O’Clock too easy.


One of the things I’ve always adored about this show is its unabashed depictions of female lust. And, more extraordinary still, its unabashed depictions of females lusting after other females. Because there’s no mistaking what’s melting Lauren’s ice cream. And it ain’t the sun.


In that moment, we are all Lauren’s ice cream. Also, I love how’s she’s all, “Hold up, wolf boy. Don’t ruin this moment for us.”


The fine folks at Lost Girl are notoriously stingy with spoilers about upcoming seasons. And while the new promo doesn’t tell us anything specific about what’s to come, it certainly dials up the heat. And, just to show us they care, they’ve also finally gifted us with the new Lost Girl promotional photos for its fast-approaching new season. The pictures are individual shots of the core group – Bo, Lauren, Kenzi and (yes, blerg) Dyson. No group shot. No Tamsin. But, hey, we’ll take what we can get.





Well, I don’t know, but Nov. 10 cannot come fast enough. And crank your freezer to 11, because if this promo is any indication it’s gonna melt all of our ice creams.