Cosima and Delphine steam up the screen in new “Orphan Black” teasers

The Orphan Black sneak peeks keep a-comin’!

The newest clip is an insider look at our favorite double agent, Delphine Cormier.

Stray thoughts:

1. “Pauvre petit chiot” means “poor little puppy”. (Which. Cutest.) Cosima responds, “You’re the puppy.” Because she is the Original Clonesbian and the writers love the fandom as much as the fandom loves them.

2. “Be careful playing for the other team, Delphine.” I see what you did there, Leekie.

OB Post 410-1

3. “You definitely can’t trust Delphine.” Alison, I appreciate you looking out, but considering you also thought you couldn’t trust Aynsley, and then KILLED HER DEAD, I’m not sure if I’ll be taking your advice any time soon.

4. “Those two together, they’re gold.” Accurate statement is accurate.

5. Then they kiss and our hearts explode into a million sparkling pieces of golden glitter.

Evelyne Brochu then tried to break the internet by tweeting this:


More fun things going on in the world of Orphan Black include Tatiana fangirling over Eveylne, the cast taking selfies together, and proclones sending extremely ominous threats around.

OB 410-2

Speaking of Rachel, Tatiana recently said that she was her favorite clone to portray in Season 2, because as the season goes on, her layers get peeled back, and we’re going to get to see just what makes the ProClone tick…and threaten her seestras.

As though all that wasn’t enough to give you anxiety for days, new character posters were released, including this one of Cosima and Delphine.

OB 410-3

Cosima is looking to Delphine, but Delphine is looking at us (INTO OUR SOULS?). They’re holding on to each other, but barely, as though Cosima is slipping away. Both of them are wearing DYAD Institute lab coats though… So who knows what all of it means. Share all your theories/predictions in the comments!

This weekend a “Cloneversation Special” airs on BBC America at 8pm Saturday, and Season 2 starts on April 19 at 9 p.m. Don’t forget to tweet all your clone-y feelings using the hashtag #clonesbians!