“The Good Wife” recap (5.22): A Weird Year

We’ve reached the finale of Season 5 of The Good Wife, and what a tumultuous season it’s been. It’s been the first full season of Florrick Agos, and the season when LG lost their G, and gained a whole bunch of bullshit in his place. It’s been the season of Cary and Kalinda carrying on some type of dysfunctional relationship, and the season when Alicia and Big finally established official distance in theirs. It’s been the season where Robyn mysteriously all but disappeared, but where Nathan Lane continued to lawyer on and Michael J. Fox took on an extended role. It’s the season when Diane Lockhart has been screwed at every turn, by everyone except for Kalinda, who has dutifully stayed by her side like a loyal labrador retriever. A really sexy one.

It’s also been the season when Zac Florrick has quietly completed his senior year of high school. This finale episode takes place on the day of his graduation, and Alicia is trying to arrange a dinner party at her house. A dinner party that involves both Jackie and Veronica. A dinner party that will eventually involve both Jackie and Veronica, cooking and baking, together. What a dream!

Alicia’s a little too busy to fully concentrate on party plans, however, because she’s also being sued for $6.6 million. In fact, they all are—Florrick Agos, AND Lockhart Gardner, by the scorned mother who lost her child in the painful Native American custody case that occurred way back when, when David Lee effed it all up by bribing someone. But the mother dealt primarily with Alicia during the case, so that’s why she’s suing everyone. A lot of finger pointing and blaming about it all occurs in the first few minutes of the episode, in an entertainingly unproductive video conference call.


But the details of this case and this lawsuit end up not being the real point of this episode at all. It merely serves as a gateway for what happens next, when Lockhart Gardner accidentally leaves their video on. They have no idea—but Florrick Agos certainly does. The fact that their video and audio is still running—while their link to Florrick Agos is apparently muted—is discovered by The Other Cary, of course, who’s popping down bagels and San Pellegrino while watching in on David Lee and Louis Canning strategize about pushing out Diane Lockhart like it’s a morning talk show. When Clarke Hayden discovers this, his crystal pure sense of ethics leads to an amazing tug of war over the video conference remote. Once Alicia and Cary Agos come in to break it up, they have an argument over the legal rules regarding this “inadvertent disclosure.”


Since all they’re really hearing right now is LG gossip anyway, Alicia’s on Hayden’s side, and goes to call Diane to let her know about the conference call still being open—until she hears David Lee mention her name. Something about pinning it all on her, something about Florrick Agos being over and done in 48 hours. Suddenly, they’re all sitting down and watching. They call a chaotic meeting with all their employees to figure out what to do, and those employees include—glory hallelujah!—Robyn. She’s only really present for a few hot minutes to help direct everybody and join in on the general “WTF?” sentiments , but still, is it good to see her face!