“Orphan Black” recap (2.08): Je T’aime

Previously on Orphan Black, Rachel found out her father was alive, Cosima found out her potential cure involves Kira’s stem cells, Donnie found out that he was participating in an illegal cloning experiment, and Leekie found out that accidental murder runs in the Hendrix family by way of a bullet to the brain.

We open on a bullet-addled van speeding down the street and pulling hastily into a garage. Someone in a bandana approaches a man with a bullet wound who uses his last breath to urge his bandana-clad friend to find Beth Childs. The stranger pulls down the bandana to reveal a new clone. That part didn’t surprise me (I’d recognize Tatiana’s eyes anywhere). What did surprise me was the beard!

OB 208-1Man clone! 

Sarah goes to see Mrs. S, who still has Duncan and is waiting for news from the DYAD. Felix sneaks in the back with Kira, and they partake in an adorable group hug. Duncan inspects Kira with scientific curiosity, which sort of resembles a lion eyeing a gazelle.

At the DYAD, Delphine tries to get into Cosima’s lab, only to find her passcard doesn’t work anymore. When Cosima opens the door a crack, Delphine hands her something from Sarah.

OB 208-2*sad puppy face* 

Cosima takes it and tells Delphine that she doesn’t want her in her lab and promptly shuts the door on her science girlfriend. When Cosima turns around, Scott is staring with his mouth agape. He then utters the understatement of the century, “Girl fights are mean.”

The package from Sarah included the tooth Kira pulled out to help Aunt Cosima. Scott points out that bone marrow would be more effective in treating 324B21, and Cosima sighs that she knows.

Finally back from rehab, Alison returns home to find Donnie, clad only in tighty whiteys, lying in bed and claiming to not feel well. Alison proves that she’s not afraid of the c word anymore and there’s no reason Donnie should be moping right now. She tries to get him up, but when she pulls back the blanket, she sees that Donnie has ransacked the house and found all her hidden airplane bottles of liquor. (Side note: do you think Alison buys a handful of them at a time at various liquor stores or does she drive an hour out of town, wearing sunglasses, and fill an entire duffle bag with them in one go?)

The kids come home and start to walk in the  bedroom, where a mostly naked Donnie is now desperately trying to drink the rest of the booze before Alison takes it, but Alison quickly shuffles them out of the room.

Art takes Beth’s place and meets up with ManClone, who introduces himself as Tony. Actually he introduces himself as Harry Freaking Potter, but you get the gist.

OB 208-3Just casually proving Tatiana can do anything.

Art thought he’d seen it all with Helena, but this takes him by surprise.

Back at Mrs. S’s house, Ethan asks about Kira, but Sarah says that it is absolutely none of his business. Felix bids them all adieu because he’s going to meet up with Art, because he has news and Sarah has more important things to deal with right now.

Exiled from Cosima’s lab, Delphine wanders around the DYAD like an indoor puppy who was send outside. She’s sent in to see Rachel, who has just finished leaving Paul a deliciously stern voicemail saying that his absence and lack of contact is incredibly inconvenient.

OB 208-4Which is Rachel-speak for, “Where the fuck are you?”

Rachel tells a nervous-looking Delphine that Aldus Leekie has suffered a fatal heart attack. Rachel says that she will be Delphine’s boss now, which will surely be difficult for both of them, for different reasons. But Rachel thinks they can work together, because they might have a breakthrough that will save Cosima. That will save all of them. Save the scientist, save the clones.