The most Pennsatucky smile-worthy Season 2 moments from “Orange is the New Black”

Orange is the New Black’s second season was considerably darker in tone than the first. Slocking, a true villainess, death, heartbreak; was all packed into 13 compelling episodes. However, Orange wouldn’t be Orange without the outrageous and hilarious moments that counterbalance the heavier ones. The show is full of brilliant comedic actresses who take the already wonderful writing and make it sing. We wanted to highlight some of the funniest moments in Season 2, and rate them by how much they made us smile like Pennsatucky with her new set of teeth.

(Warning: Some Season 2 spoilers ahead!)


Celebrity, bitch: Taystee and Poussey are an unbeatable team when it comes to playing “Celebrity.” Maybe it’s their close friendship, or their similar senses of humor. Either way, they dominate in the most hilarious ways. So how does one win at “Celebrity”?


Taystee: Chick whose husband died reeeeal young.
Poussey: The white Michelle Williams!


Career day wardrobe malfunctions: When Dress for Success came to Litchfield to hold a career training session, the women were jazzed. Not so exciting? The wardrobe selections they had to choose from? Potato sacks, peach nightmares, and stinky jackets. At least Sophia got to rock a cocktail dress.


Sophia: I’m just showing off my assets.


The Snatch Sisters: Nicky attempts to have a come to Jesus moment with Piper when she returns from Chicago. However, Nicky can’t resist getting in a few digs about making it with Alex.


Piper: Can we not talk about my ex-girlfriend’s vagina?