“Degrassi” recap (13.D.36) : Out of my Head

It’s finally the day of the First Annual Student Council Fundraiser fashion show. Becky and Imogen seem to have gotten over their fight from last week. Jack, the newly hired choreographer for the show, is putting the models through their paces. Imogen is just putting the finishing touches on the formal wear that she designed. Everything is going smoothly. That is until Becky shows Jack Imogen’s designs.

Jack sees designs

Imogen is really into Jack. And why wouldn’t she be? Jack throws axes and participates in triathlons and dances like a…something that dances really well. And don’t forget that Jack likes the same music and art as Imogen. She’s perfect! So, when Jack calls Imogen’s designs, “Nice,” Imogen assumes that means Jack doesn’t like them and decides to change the dresses to make them more haute couture.

“Nice is bad. Nice is dull… I need to change them,” Imogen explains.

“Just because Jack may not like them?” Becky asks.

“Because I need these to be amazing. Do you know how many millions of hot, cool girls are lined up to date her?”

Becky is nervous about Imogen remaking the dresses so close to the show, but Imogen promises that she is just going to tweak them a teensy bit and that they will still fit the theme: Hollywood Glamour. Becky relents, knowing full well that she’ll never convince Imogen that her designs are just fine as they are, but reminds Imogen not to go too crazy because the fashion show is later that day and it’s important to her that it goes well.


Imogen goes to work on her designs, cutting, re-stitching and reimagining her work. She goes to throw out the cardboard container she is drinking out of during her brainstorming session and gets the wild idea to use trash to spice up her formal wear. Makes a cocktail dress more dramatic by adding coffee cups to the skirt. She makes a two-piece shirt and skirt set out of sanitary napkins. Her designs are outrageous and avant-garde. They make a statement about the disposable celebrity culture in Hollywood today. Jack is sure to love them! Unfortunately, the models, particularly Zoe, hate them.

Imogen tries to explain the inspiration behind her designs to Zoe, but before Imogen can convince her, Becky takes her by the arm and hauls her outside. A furious Becky yells at Imogen for ruining the fashion show just to impress a girl and puts Imogen in a time out, as if she is a child, so that she can think about what she has done. Imogen apologizes to Becky and asks what she can do to make amends, but Becky says she has done enough.


Ouch! That’s harsh. But luckily, Tristan is having a crisis of his own (read: his affair with a teacher, Mr. Grant Yates, has been discovered and he needs to find Mr. Yates to let him know) so he can’t emcee the show as planned. He begs Imogen to take his place, telling her that she can use the opportunity to be a hero and save the day. So, Imogen dons the top hat and tails and takes the stage.

During an awkward speech in which Imogen uses “fashion” and “people” as a metaphor for her friendship with Becky, she apologizes, sort of, for being an inconsiderate idiot. The show goes on, the models strut down the catwalk dressed in garbage, and all’s well that ends well.


After the show, Becky and Imogen confirm that their BFFship is back on track. Jack comes over to compliment Imogen on her funny banter as MC. Jack questions Imogen as to why she changed her designs and Imogen admits that Jack intimidates her.

Jack is surprised. “You’re intimidated by me? I’m intimidated by you!”

“Why?” Imogen asks.

“Because you’re amazing,” Jack replies. “And unique. And totally yourself. I’ve never met anyone like you, Imogen.”

Imogen smiles and in one swift move pulls Jack in for a kiss. They both laugh, put their arms around each other and stroll back stage.

So everything seems all right in Imogen’s world right now, but why I am still worried that Imogen and Jack are not going to have the happy ending we would want for them? What do you think? Will Imojack/Jackogen ride off into the sunset or is there more drama ahead?