“The Bridge” recap (2.1): Yankee

Last season on The Bridge, detectives Sonya Cross and Marco Ruiz formed an unlikely partnership while investigating a series of murders of women on the Mexico-Texas border. During the investigation, Marco’s wife left him for his cheating ways and unwittingly ended up in the bed of the murderer, Kenneth Hastings. Hastings wife and son were killed in an accident that Hastings blamed on Marco. Marco’s son Gus was used as a pawn in Hastings’ revenge scheme against Marco, and is murdered. Meanwhile, El Paso investigative reporter Daniel Frye and his Juarez born colleague Adriana Mendez go in search of answers to the murders and other, much more expansive crimes. Adriana’s little sister goes missing one night on the way home from work, and the family prays that she doesn’t end up one of the pink crosses of Juarez. Charlotte Millwright, widow of a Texas rancher inherited a very dangerous piece of property; a smuggling tunnel to Mexico. When Charlotte’s old boyfriend Ray gets involved, their plans quickly turn to shit and they end up killing drug lord Graciella, in self-defense. Stephen Linder, an unstable “coyote” who helps women escape Juarez, fell in love with one of his charges and went in search of her when she turns up missing. She’d been taken by a few rogue members of the Juarez police department, raped and beaten at private police and cartel parties. Sonya and Marco rescued her and left her to be cared for by Lt. Wade. Marco, mad with grief over his son, reignites ties with cartel leader Fausto Galvan while plotting the death of Kenneth Hastings.

Good ol’ attorney Monte Flagg makes his way through the desert and stops in front of a newly constructed sub division. Once inside one of the homes, Monte finds himself slipping and sliding on fresh puddles of sticky, red blood and severed body parts. He looks up to find a smiling woman brandishing a machete, who he seems to know and not fear. In the kitchen, Monte pulls a business card from the blood soaked cardboard cutout of the realtor, Chip Diaz. Monte dials his number and a phone rings nearby. Chip, we hardly knew ya.


Sonya is taking a dip at the pool when she gets an important phone call, and has to rush out. Meanwhile, in Juarez, a swat team descends upon a house, busting down the door and arresting the occupants. While in a darkened room of the house, one of the agents turns his gun on a familiar face. It’s Marco, who is leading the charge. Marco demands that the officer lower his gun, but the mystery man simply runs off.

In a nice air-conditioned office, a Mexican prosecutor named Huerta meets with DEA Agent Joe MacKenzie. Huerta is a recent appointee to his position and MacKenzie is running into resistance from the Mexican government. His agents, who are supposed to be surveilling the cartels, keep being sent back to the States empty handed. Huerta wants to run things differently now that he’s in charge, and that includes an impromptu appointment of the very surprised Abelardo Pintado to the head prosecutor position in Chihuahua. MacKenzie has his sites set on the infamous Fausto Galvan, but Huerta wants to change direction (and the subject) inwards. He then kindly gives MacKenzie the official blow off.

Sonya makes her way to a prison where Jim Dobbs (the man who murdered her sister and has suffered severe brain damage) is lying in the infirmary. It is there that she meets Jack Dobbs, Jim’s brother. He’s taken aback when she introduces herself. Jack tells her that Jim is dying and when she offers to try and help, he’s even more confused. Sonya tells him that she doesn’t want Jim to die, but Jack isn’t sure he feels the same.


A woman named Eleanor Nacht (played by Franka Potente of Run Lola Run and Bourne fame) crosses the border checkpoint from Juarez to El Paso. She’s covered from head to toe in dowdy, heavy clothing and followed by Yovani, a man she knows. They approach a rental Prius but he’s worried that people will think he’s gay if he’s seen in a hybrid. Well, we are gonna have our work cut out with this guy.