Call for nominations! 3rd annual Femslash Madness Tournament!


Ladies and ladies, welcome to our third annual Ultimate Femslash Madness Tournament, the place where you can vote (and vote and vote) to crown your favorite non-canon couples as champions of the internet! If there’s one thing we know here at AfterEllen it’s that some of the very best potential pairings never get to do more than stare longingly into each other’s eyes because TV executives are still bamboozled by the fact that lesbians exist. But forget those guys! Today is your day!

Or, well, this month is your month.

From now until July 18th you can nominate your OTP by commenting on this post or hitting us up on Tumblr or Twitter with the hashtag #FemslashOTP. Nominations can include movies, books, comic books, and TV shows; and can consist of same-show or cross-show pairings; and can include a lesbian or bisexual character as long as the couple you nominate isn’t canon in that fictional universe. So, for example, you can nominate Spencer Hastings and Quinn Fabray, or Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery, or Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields. (You cannot, however, nominate Spencer Hastings and yourself, even though I know that’s what you really want to do.)

The first round of voting will kick off on July 21st!

Who do you think we should include in this year’s tournament?