Vote Now! 2014 Femslash Madness Tournament – Round 1


Welcome to the AfterEllen Femslash Madness Tournament! Last week we asked you to nominate couples to compete in our third annual fandom bloodbath celebration of the non-canon pairings that keep Tumblr and AO3 spinning, and now it’s time to open the voting! But first, we’ve made two big changes to this year’s tournament: 1) We are super pleased to announce that we’ve updated our voting system to require captchas every time you vote. In addition, we’ve enabled IP adress and cookie blocking. Those three things combined should completely eliminate the troubles we’ve had with botting in the past.

But another bonus of our new system is the ability to ban specific IP addresses from voting in our polls at all, so if we get wind of any cheating, we’re going to drop the hammer. 2) Because non-canon pairings have become more popular than ever, and because the nature of lady/lady relationships on TV is evolving with the times, we decided that this year we would only allow non-canon couples who have never hooked up in any way on-screen at all ever. So, no Xena and Gabby, no Bo and Tamsin, no Alison and Emily.

In the wise words of Monica Geller, rules help control the fun! As always, you are allowed to vote once per hour between now noon on Saturday, July 26. Then you get a day off to rest and recuperate before round two opens up next Monday. You’ll find the full brackets for the tournament below.

Click to view full-size brackets.

And don’t forget to head on over to our brother site, The Backlot, to vote in their m/m Slash Madness tournament!

Tag your posts on Twitter and Tumblr with #FemslashOTP so we can find you. Have fun, play fair (for the love of Mona Vanderwaal), and may the odds be ever in your favor.