“Transparent” recap (1.2): The Letting Go

Before we begin, I’ve got two words for you: Capri Sun.

Episode Two of Transparent made me cry, laugh, and then cry some more. It picks up right where the pilot left off, with Sarah (Amy Landecker) and Tammy (Melora Hardin) in Maura’s bedroom, caught kissing and suddenly faced with small talk because the tension has risen to an awkward high. Maura says it’s been a while since she’s seen Tammy and asks if her parents are still in Arizona. “Oh my god!” I say aloud at the sheer cringe-worthy hilarity of it all. The look on Sarah’s is priceless. She’s utterly confused about her dad’s appearance. With all ears and eyes on board, Maura sits down and explains that she hasn’t felt right since maybe age five, and this whole time she’s been dressing up—not as a woman, but as a man. Sarah’s face quickly changes and she’s smiling—it’s maybe not so dissimilar from a moment many of us have had, where we don’t want this special person confiding in us to feel like they’re out there alone or up on this weird pedestal. She tries to intervene. But Maura needs to get this out. Let her speak! She’s coming out—this is Maura’s coming out moment!


Later on, at her meeting at the LGBT Center, Maura tries to find one soul to join her for a “celebratory drink” at a local bar—she’s conquered this big goal. Well, one out of three. She meets a lady who offers they walk to her apartment and Maura is so in love with that idea. Sipping wine, Maura explores her apartment, touching knick-knacks and observing this lady’s lady space. She sits down at a vanity and her new pal tells her that every single one of her family members will likely disappear after she comes out, because that’s exactly what happened to her. Suddenly they both hear ambulance sirens. It’s discovered that a fellow apartment complex comrade, an old queen named Murray, has passed. As everyone emerges from outside the apartment complex, I have a thought: This is the coolest, queer-friendly building I’ve ever set eyes on. Forget Melrose PlaceI want to know about all the drama that goes down at the Shangri-La.


Meanwhile, Ali (Gaby Hoffmann) is apparently sleeping with her trainer who she met at the park. I’ll go ahead and say it: “That’s one way to work out.” (Sex.) He has a roommate who’s just as buff as he is, and I get the feeling that Ali is perfectly OK with being in the middle of this trio. Just as she’s cozying up with this new romantic tryst/bod makeover, brother Josh is startled to find out his blonde Glitterish non-girlfriend Kaya is pregnant. She’s like, p.s. I’m having an abortion. At first, Josh seems to roll with whatever seems the “right thing to do.” He’ll pick up some Coldstone and rub her feet.