Charice talks about her upcoming Oprah interview

Charice hasn’t sat with Oprah Winfrey since 2006, and so many things have changed in that time. For one, the 22-year-old came out as a lesbian in a happy relationship with fellow performer Alyssa Quijano. Now she’s revisiting with Oprah on OWN’s Where Are They Now?, airing this Sunday, where Oprah asks Charice about her gender identity based on her new tomboy presentation.

8 19 2014-WATN- Charice Pempengco & Raven Simone

Previews of the show don’t indicate how Charice responds, which is clearly their hook to getting viewers tuned in. But it seems Charice is happy with the experience and in this interview below, Charice talks about her experience seeing Oprah again and why she enjoyed the sit-down so much.

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