“Manhattan” recap (1.12 &1.13): Sex, Lies and Espionage

Charlie is dragged into an interrogation room, where Occam is relentless. He accuses Charlie of being a spy, which is not true. Charlie may be a lot of things, but a spy is not one of them. Occam does let Charlie know that Abby’s family is safe in New York, something he is grateful for.

Abby is brought into the interrogation room as well. Charlie knows that this is in hopes that he will crack. Abby offers to call her father, but Daddy can’t get Charlie out of this one. He tells Abby to go home to Boston, and that her family from Minsk are safe. She tells Charlie to pin it on all Winter, but Winter knows that Abby was the one who planted the papers. He agrees to grant her a divorce but is taken away before they can finish their conversation.


In a dark, dingy interrogation room, Occam tells Charlie that Abby told him everything. Charlie doesn’t believe him. It’s then that Occam tells him of Abby’s affair with Elodie. When Elodie was under interrogation, she confessed to their relationship. Brokenhearted, but not broken, Charlie clams up and doesn’t give Occam what he wants. Occam breaks out the torture card, and doesn’t give a damn about the Geneva Convention.

When Abby arrives back at her ransacked home, she rushes to that bathroom to vomit. One of the scientists, and Charlie’s reciprocal crush, Helen Prince (Katja Herbers) shows up looking for Charlie. When Helen walks in, she can see that the house has been torn apart and something very bad has happened to Charlie. Abby tells her about Charlie’s arrest and no so subtly suggests that Helen and Charlie have more that a professional relationship.


That night we see Abby puking again. We all know that on television shows, puking one time equals nerves. Puking twice, means you are pregnant. Abby is pregnant, alone, heartbroken and unsure of her future. Charlie is released when information comes to light that he is indeed not a spy, but takes refuge in his office rather than his home. With so many secrets coming to light, will anything ever be the same again? Will Abby seek refuge in Boston? Will Charlie confront her about her affair? Will we see Elodie again? We will have to tune into Season Two to find out.

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