Morning Brew – Brittney Griner attacked in China

Good morning. A big congrats to out bisexual Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema for holding onto her seat in Arizona, Los Angeles county supervisor Sheila Kuehl, and to the new Attorney General of Massachusetts, out lesbian Maura Healey.

Scenes From Primary Day

Fit For Rivals (led by out frontwoman Renee Phoenix) teased their new single, “Freak Machine.”

Brittney Griner was attacked by a man with a knife after a game in China this week. She wrote on Instagram that she has a cut but is OK, as are the rest of her teammates. Thankfully!

Niecy Nash talked about when she was called about her lesbian role for The Mindy Project.

“The producers of the show gave me a call. “And we spent so much time talking about them being fans of Getting On. And I was like, ‘Okay,’ like, ‘Thank you, and I love you back, but why did you call me?’ “Then they told me that the character was a lesbian, and I said, ‘You do know in real life I like boys though, right?’ And they were like, ‘Yes, but we just think your personality will be great at it,’ and I was like, ‘Yes. Please and thank you. Let’s do it.’ And it’s been wonderful.”


I liked the story of her husband seeing her kiss Mindy Kaling better, though.

Lea Delaria is not taking any shit on the subway, especially if you are preaching to her.

Is there anything Ellen can’t or won’t do?

Lifetime has cancelled Witches of East End. Just when we were getting to find out about Joanna’s bisexual past.


Some of New York’s hottest new nightlife movers and shakers are queer women. (Duh.)

On the premiere of CBS’s The MCCarthys, out gay son Ronny tells his tight-knit Boston family he might move to Providence and they plot to keep him around. How? Well his dad decides to hire him as his assistant basketball coach because one of his players’ mothers is “a lez” and would feel more comfortable with Ronny around. Toward the end of the episode, Ronny’s family throws him a “Gay Bar” party in their home, and one of his brothers brings the only gay person he knows: A lesbian (played by Noelle Messier). You can watch the whole episode at


Have a great Hump Day!