Eight important things about the first full “Lost Girl” Season 5 promo

If you’re gonna go out, I say do it in style. The first full promo for the new and finale season of Lost Girl has been released by Showcase today. It looks, how do you say, kick ass. Also, man, is that song going to be in my head all day.

So much is happening all at once. But a few key points.

1) Bo on a skimpy maid uniform. Oh, Lost Girl costume department, you do beat all.


2) Bo making time with this shadowy lady. Help a sister out, is that Evony?


3) Lauren throwing a ninja star. Pa-shew, indeed!


4) Bo dressed like a ninja. Again, thanks costume department.


5) Tamsin making time with this lady. Again, no idea who this is but I approve.


6) Bo grabbing, and lifting, Lauren by the throat. But then the smile after, the smile.


7) Tamsin with that axe. All work and no play makes Tam-Tam a dull girl?


7) So much choking. Is this the choke-out season?


There isn’t much plot exposition except choke, smash, make-out. But then those are kind of the perfect ingredients to any episode of Lost Girl. Well, perhaps minus the choking. I am so not into the Choking Game.

The teaser released late last month gives us a slightly better idea of what Bo will be tackling this season. Can you say Daddy Issues?

So, thought on the promo? Thoughts on the teaser? I’ll take Lauren with the throwing star for $1,000 please, Alex.