New docs begin “House” sitting

Although House debuted last week, things really get interesting tonight when everyone’s favorite TV misanthrope hires 40 new doctors for his medical team. Among them is Olivia Wilde, everyone’s favorite bisexual character from The O.C. (OK, there were only two — what’s your point?)

I like her more as a brunette; she looks less, well, O.C. Her character (named 13 because House is too lazy to learn everyone’s names and instead gives them all numbers — oh, House, I love you) is a bit of a mystery, apparently. She doesn’t like giving out personal information and is “very self possessed, incredibly confident, but not arrogant. She is kind of cool, calm and collected.” Let Olivia tell you the rest. [Warning: Spoilers]


At this point, I do my own version of the old fortune cookie joke, in which I add “and gay!” to the end of each character description. Alas, probably not. But, hey, it’s nice to dream. Also fun to dream about: Lisa Edelstein and Jennifer Morrison. Both Drs. Cuddy and Cameron are back this season, with Cameron as a blonde. Guess we’ll find out whether blondes really do have more fun.

I’ve sung the praises of Jennifer before, but was remiss in not mentioning Lisa. Cuddy has become an increasingly strong foil for House. Plus, anyone who uses the word “schtupp” in an interview is good people, in my book.



Also among the new fellowship class are twins and a doctor House nicknames “Cut-Throat Bitch” (played by Anne Dudek). Well, considering House’s unique disposition, that’s practically a term of endearment. And it could have been worse. He could have called her Schtupp Head.