Who Thought THAT Was a Good Idea? Episode 1

In the great tradition of Maude and CSI: Miami (hopefully
not of Joey and Private Practice), Lori and I are doing a
video blog spin-off of She Made Me Watch This
called Who Thought That Was a Good Idea?

Why? I blame Michelle Rodriguez. And Fox. And the writers
on Women’s Murder Club and Degrassi.

And even Katherine Heigl, God love her.

They’ve finally pushed us over the edge and driven us to dedicate a whole vlog
to the week’s most ridiculous, unbelievable, annoying, or just plain stupid
moves made by celebrities, TV writers, movie directors, studio execs, actors,
and other entertainment folks. In our opinion, anyway.

In our first episode of the new vlog, we count down the week’s 5 dumbest news items —
next week it might be a few more, or a few less. Depends on how dumb the week

See if you can guess where Degrassi‘s latest episode fell on the list this week…

Who Thought That Was a Good Idea? Episode 1

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