“Dante’s Cove” Recaps: Episode 3.1

Over at Deuteronomy’s house, Kevin and Dude are spooning without the covers on. Dude is so tired, he doesn’t hear Kevin get up, pull his pants on, steal keys out of Dude’s pocket and rifle through the trunk at the foot of the bed. Kevin takes the Moon Book out and starts reading the text, even though it’s written in cuneiform or something. It’s quite a feat for someone like Kevin.

He starts chanting, “desire move me, desire carry me,” over and over. The incantation takes him to Grace’s house where Toby is taking yet another nap on his favorite chaise lounge.

Kevin: I don’t have much time, I don’t know how long this spell will last.
Toby: What spell?
Kevin: Listen. I couldn’t tell you this at the club the other night, but it’s this damn bracelet. Bro can tell where I am and who I’m with.
Toby: He knows you’re here?
Kevin: No, but this is the only way I can be with you right now. I’m working on it.
Toby: You told me you were happy …

Kevin asks Toby to wait for him – it won’t be long now – and vanishes.

Sisters – Grace and Diana have a reunion. “What’s it like in cosmic orbit?” Diana asks sarcastically. Good to see you, too, beeyotch. Grace waves an arm at Diana, but no magic comes forth and she just looks silly. Diana mocks her. Magic on the fritz?

Grace says: “Well, you should know all about faulty magic. After all, you’re the one who brought us the tsunami!” She throws a carved coconut at Diana’s head. Oh goody, a cat fight.

Grace and Diana have a little throw-down/bitch-slap. Flat on her back with Diana pinning her to the carpet, Grace spies Griff and tells Diana what old friends they are. She throws Diana off her chest and saunters away.

Grace asks Griff why her powers are fubar. He tells her cosmic orbit will do that to ya, but they will eventually return. Too bad patience is not one of Grace’s qualities.

Did no one get the memo? – Later that evening, Toby is out for his nightly shirtless constitutional. He runs smack into Michelle, newly back from the dead or the cosmos or wherever she was. And I mean new. Funny, she doesn’t look anything like the old Michelle. It’s almost as if she’s a totally different person.

“Toby, you gotta help me find Van,” Michelle says, a hint of fear in her voice. Toby looks at her meaningfully. “Michelle, Van’s dead.” Whaaaaa?

What is with Michelle’s skirt? It looks like an ill-fitting, army-issued doily. Wardrobe!

Inside the house, Michelle paces as she recounts how safe she felt back in Iowa, but it didn’t last. Coming home one night, Michelle found the front door wide open. Upstairs, her parents were both dead. Iowa had a tsunami?

Michelle: I went upstairs, and that’s where I found them. They were dead. They had been torn apart by someone, some thing. Whoever killed them was looking for me.
Toby: Are you sure?

No, not a tsunami, not this time. A dingo ate her parents.

Michelle tells Toby she knows there are dark powers in play and she was the intended victim. Conveniently forgetting how anti-Tresum she was in the past, Michelle now wants Toby to help her use it to learn who is after her.

Toby never did understand what Van was doing the few times he assisted her. He’s no good to Michelle. He suggests they ask Grace, but Michelle would rather wear that fugly skirt forever than go to that bitch for help. In fact, she doesn’t want to be anywhere near Grace.

Toby informs Michelle she’s in Grace’s house. Michelle takes that as her cue to leave. Where exactly she’s going, when there’s no more Hotel Dante – or anything on the leeward side of the island, for that matter – is anyone’s guess. She’s going nowhere.