We’re Getting Nowhere: “America’s Next Top Model” Finale

It with sadness in our hearts (and apple juice in our veins) that we humbly submit to you our very last vlogs for Cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model.

It’s been a wild ride. We watched the girls pose, cry, and not smoke all the way to the bitter end. This time around, we glam up and discuss our theories about why models should be seen and not heard, why "stomp to the death" should be a literal term, and what Dara has in common with Mr. Peanut. And for your viewing pleasure, we’ve included not one but two thrill-packed reenactments. Because we care. Repeat offender Beloved guestbian Bridget McManus joins us again for the finale, as does her monocle.

We’re Getting Nowhere: America’s
Next Top Model
Cycle 9 Finale

Download from Veoh in two parts: Part one and Part two

We also catch up with our "lost" contestants, Loquacious, Lorelai and Natalia, one last time. They tell us what they’ve learned from being on Top Model, why they’re not bitter about losing, and share with us their sketchy ambitious plans for the future.

We’re Getting Nowhere: America’s
Next Top Model
“Lost” Models Finale

Download from Veoh

Thanks for sticking with us all the way through to the finale, and the three of us look forward to seeing you again in January when We’re Getting Nowhere returns and we cover The L Word. (Insert evil laugh here.)

For those of you who can’t get enough Bridget McManus (yes, I know, that would be all of you), she’ll also be back in January with her very own vlog, Brunch With Bridget. If you don’t think you can wait until January for Brunch With Bridget, then just have a snack to tide you over.

The “Lost” Episode: We actually filmed a 30 minute vlog recapping episode 9.12 (the one right before the finale), but can’t get it to play all the way through when we watch it online, although it seems to play fine if you download it through Veoh. So if you want to watch it, you’ll have to download it here (click on the orange “Watch on VeohTV” button on the bottom right – one-time free software installation required). Think of it as the bootleg edition of WGN!