“Dante’s Cove” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “Naked in the Dark”

Tissue? I hardly know you — The sun comes out again. Bro and Grace embrace in relief, their centuries-old feud finally put to rest. Grace cries uncontrollably until Griff offers her his massive shoulders to weep upon. There, there.

Brit is still crying and crawls over to Michelle’s lifeless body. She wails, “Please come back,” as she hovers over her, big, hot tears splattering all over Michelle’s nose.

Griff and Grace join Brit to look at the dead body. Brit begs, “Can’t you do something?” Oh sure. Now the big-shot scientist wants a little magic. All those logical principles go right out the window when someone wants to make a wish.

Brit: Michelle, why did you do it?
Michelle accepted her role in this. She was the Shadows’ portal into our world. Her death was their exit out. The box, just a prison. And she was very brave.

Just then, Elena appears, weak and confused, in the doorway.

Griff: Don’t be sad. Death is only a transformation. [turning to look at Elena] Besides, there’s someone else who needs you more.

Elena wobbles across the room to Brit. She wants to know what’s going on. Take a number, Elena.

Brit, overcome by seeing her girlfriend alive, kisses Elena between new sobs — of joy.

Elena holds Brit’s head against her, giving Brit one last look at Michelle. Is it wrong to want to mess around with a dead body? Yes, Brit, it is. Let her go already.

Meanwhile, on the couch, Kevin is out cold. Bro watches over him, crying and stroking his forehead. After a minute, Kevin comes to, groggy and confused but none the worse for wear. In fact, that’s his normal state, so he’s actually fine.

Bro: We won.
Kevin: I knew you would.
Bro: But Toby. He’s gone. He’s lost to the Shadows.
Kevin: No. No.
Bro: I’m sorry. I know how much you loved him.
Kevin: Take me home.

As Bro and Kevin leave the house, Trevor watches them from behind a tree. He looks down at himself and realizes he’s naked. Does one really need to actually look down to know if one has clothes on or not? I like to look in my mouth to make sure I’m actually eating.

“What the hell happened?” He scurries back inside to wonder where his clothes are and why there’s a dead girl on the floor.