“Dante’s Cove” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “Naked in the Dark”

Aftermath — Griff has decided the safest place for the Shadows’ prison box is in storage at Tresum Council headquarters. He packs it into a crate even as Grace wonders aloud if the bureaucrats at HQ can be trusted with something so important. But what can Griff do? He tells Grace that he’s always been a company man, and if he were to break rank now, there would have to be a damn good reason.

Grace takes his hand and places it on her belly. Is this a good enough reason, Daddy?

And here I thought 100-year-old eggs were just a Chinese dish.

Grace warns Griff if the Tresum Council ever found out they had a baby … but he shushes her before she can finish. Ooh. Can you say “cliffhanger”?

At Bro’s house, Kevin has made his choices. Granted, Toby falling down a rabbit hole made it easier, but Kevin’s new love is Tresum, and if he wants to indulge that attraction, who better than the Sun Book master to show him how?

The happy couple lies in bed wondering where Toby and Adam might be at that very moment. Wherever they are, at least they have each other. Yeah, what’s hell without company?

Bro adds that Kevin is truly free this time; free to leave or stay. Kevin tells Bro with a kiss that he’s exactly where he wants to be, his Stockholm Syndrome now fully ingrained in his being.

As they lose themselves in kisses, they don’t notice the mirror at the foot of the bed. The reflection is lost as a new image emerges. It’s Toby and Adam.

From the inside, they shout and pound on the glass as Bro and Kevin lie in front of them on the bed. No one can hear their calls for help. Trapped in the mirror that faces Bro and Kevin’s bed, condemned to an eternity of watching them have sex and snore.

Welcome to hell, boys.