“Dante’s Cove” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “Naked in the Dark”

And then, this happened — In the bedroom, Brit is still doting on Elena, who may want to go back to being unconscious if she ever wakes up to see the campy nonsense going on around her. Brit can hear the thunder and lots of yelling outside. She asks Toby what the hell is going on out there?

Just then, the door by the bed starts to open by itself. Brit leaps up and throws herself against it, screaming for Toby to come help her.

Outside, Bro helps Kevin toward the house as Grace and Griff cover him. And then, as if there aren’t too many cooks in the kitchen already, Michelle comes running up and says she knows how to stop the insanity; she has to die.

Never a big fan of Michelle’s, Grace is happy to oblige, but Griff believes Brit the Virgin is the key to closing the portal. Sorry, Michelle, but you’re just not part of the plan. He grabs Michelle and locks her away in a back room.

Meanwhile, Toby and Brit are still trying to shut the door when they hear Adam’s voice calling out. Brit warns Toby it’s another trick — one much, much worse than getting conned into a time-share presentation.

Intruder alert — The front door opens and Diana walks right in. OK, who forgot to berry up the front door? Griff tells her to stop where she is, but Diana has a bone to pick with him.

Diana: I was a good and loyal servant to Tresum Council, until you tore my life away. You created me, Griffin, and I thank you for it.

Diana opens fire on Griff, bombarding him with her fiery fury. He curls up into a ball at the foot of the couch. Diana’s gone Tresum postal.

Bro and Grace clasp hands and begin repeating an incantation over the box.

Grace: Bury the viper’s nest in fury’s maelstrom!
Bro: Open your dark embrace; reclaim your denizens!

Grace is torn between continuing the spell and rushing to her lover Griff’s aid, but Bro won’t let her go. “Grace! Concentrate!” he commands urgently.

So long, Toby — Back in the bedroom, Toby is about to give in to Adam’s pleas from behind the scary plywood door.

Brit screams: “The Shadows are in there! Toby, no!” For someone who thinks magic is a bunch of bull crap, Brit sure sounds like she believes right about now.

But it’s no use. Toby pushes her aside, flings the door open and jumps into the void. Or the laundry room. Who knows where the door leads? The door slams shut behind him.

Grace tries to appeal to her sister’s sense of family.

Grace: Diana, stop this war. This isn’t what our father wished for you!
Diana: He knew I was the future of Tresum, and right he was! I’ll be the one to drag it into darkness!