“Grey’s Anatomy”: pretty pictures and a pretty intense preview

As roc reminded us earlier this week, our favorite shows
are running out of new episodes. That includes Grey’s Anatomy, which is my personal choice for 2007’s
Best Comeback From a Lukewarm Season.

To make us feel better, ABC
has released some midseason (which could be end-of-season) promotional
stills of the cast. And not sharing the best ones with you would just
be wrong. So here’s a little eye candy for your weekend viewing pleasure.


Yes, I know Kate Walsh

has moved on, but I want the real Addison back. Maybe wishing will make
it so. You can find more Grey’s pictures, including the male
cast, here. You know, those guys are not bad
looking, for boys.

We’ve also got a preview of
Thursday’s episode. It’s a bit spoilerish, so don’t watch if you don’t
want to know. And if you do watch, grab a hankie — it’s a jerker.

**SPOILER ALERT** For real.
I mean it.


I’m sure you remember the last
episode, but a couple of things that happened have a direct bearing
on what happens Thursday, so I’ll refresh your memory. Derek
kissed Rose, right before Meredith told him she didn’t want him seeing
anyone else. Bailey’s husband, who waited for hours for a lunch date
that never happened, sent her a message that he’s through waiting. And
not just for lunch.

Did I mention spoilers? Here
they come. As you surmised from the preview, Bailey’s son is rushed
to the emergency room after an accident. Bailey is narrating this episode
instead of Meredith, so you know things will get tense. I don’t want
anything bad to happen to Bailey. I love me some Bailey.

Derek tells Meredith that he
wants to build a house for them. Of course, Meredith isn’t ready for
that, so McDreamy decides to take the next step with Nurse Rose (Lauren
). I’d do the same thing — only about a season and a half

The other “bombshell” is that “Debra Monk
returns as Louise O’Malley, George’s mom, and shocks both Izzie and
Callie.” That leads to a cliffhanger, which, I imagine, is also
a bombshell. In any case, Izzie and Callie themselves are bombshells
and that’s all that matters.

Two additional story lines have
to do with a “major event” for Lexie and a faith healer who
challenges Alex and Dr. Hahn. I love it when somebody challenges Dr.
Hahn, because she flashes a look that could melt steel. Well, at least
it could melt me.

This episode very well may
be the season finale for Grey’s Anatomy, so savor every minute.
Especially the last five, which will be set
Caedmon Call‘s
emotional song, “Ten Thousand Angels.” I suggest stocking
up on Kleenex.