“Cashmere Mafia” Recaps: Episode 1.1 “Pilot”

I love New York — I love New York, but I love TV New York even more. TV New York is an idyllic Gotham where everyone has a huge apartment with a view in a hip neighborhood. TV New Yorkers work at great-paying jobs; have creative, important friends; and never, ever do laundry. Even the homeless people living under the Manhattan Bridge are vaguely attractive and don’t at all smell like ass.

Also, cabs are plentiful at 3 in the morning. Street parking is always ample and free; you can pull up and park right in front of the building you’re visiting, day or night. Right in front!

ABC’s new dramedy, Cashmere Mafia (read all the details here), is set in TV New York and follows the lives of four alpha women who make gobs of money, make lots of dinner reservations and make do with the weaker sex: the men in their lives.

Cashmere Mafia‘s executive producer Darren Star was the creator of Sex and the City. Is it illegal to steal your own material? Can he sue himself?

I love you — It’s a lovely, warm Manhattan morning. Mia and Jack, the very models of well-heeled, young, professional New Yorkers, are strolling to work and arguing about the date of their first date, one year ago. As they pass by a park, two street musicians are playing the Modern English classic “Melt With You.”

Mia stops, remembering that these very same people were singing that very same song on their first date, and wonders, what are the chances? She turns to find Jack down on one knee, holding out a ring. In reality, no man wearing a quality wool suit would touch his knee to a sidewalk where the stains are equal parts dog, pigeon and human.

Passersby stop and applaud, grinning their society-approving smiles as she gasps into her hands, stares at Jack in giddy disbelief, and finally says excitedly, “Yes!”

May I call in sick? I feel a little nauseated.

The only thing that prevents me from lying down with a cold compress is the jaunty, tinkly music that is suspiciously reminiscent of Sex and the City. I keep expecting Miranda and Samantha to show up, arguing about sperm volume.