“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.2 “Look Out, Here They Come!”

All about Adele — Jenny’s No. 1 fan is telling her own story. In college, Adele studied women and film — didn’t we all? Er, she took classes in the women’s studies program and the film program. But why try to study film in Florida? That’s what Max wonders.

Jenny: [under her breath] Because she loves Disney World.

Was there ever a better setup for a carnival flashback? But no; it’s just Jenny being bitchy again. Adele explains that her mother had a nervous breakdown, so she stayed in Florida to be close to her. Jenny’s book helped her through that tough time.

It’s a sad story, and yet it’s oddly suspicious. Malaya Rivera Drew, as Adele, is doing a great job: We don’t trust her, yet we want to know more, but we don’t, but we so do!

Adele: This book saved my life.
Kit: What a nice thing to say! Isn’t that, Jenny?

Jenny nods, and then she comes around to Adele’s side a little, telling her to call her Jenny. Adele reveals that she came to WeHo because she wanted to see the cafe that was the inspiration for the Pluto Cafe in Lez Girls. Before it can get too cozy, Max reminds Jenny that she has a wedding to go to and thus some shoes and a gift to buy. Max, must you encourage Jenny to panic?

Adele offers to help, and of course Jenny takes her up on that, giving her a dress to carry on the way out. Well done, Adele/Eve.

Max: [after they leave] Wow.
Kit: You wanted that job, didn’t you?
Max: [laughing] As if! No, those days are gone.

And so is Jenny’s sanity, but that’s old news.

The proverbial soap — Whoa, there are naked women all over the screen! But no, it’s not a Shane scene: It’s that prison shower scene we were promised. Helena is trying to keep to herself (as much as one can in a communal shower). But someone — let’s call her Claire and pretend this is a crossover with Ugly Betty — has her eye on the new fish.

Right on cue, Helena drops the soap.

Claire: Looks like nobody warned her about dropping the soap.
Helena: [sweetly] It just slipped from my hand.
Claire: [mocking] “It just slipped from my hand.” You hear that, Billie? She’s a fluff.
Billie: Are you a fluff, pretty girl?
Helena: I’m sorry. Maybe if you could just explain to me what that is …

Yeah, and to me too! I tried to Google, but I kept finding “fluffer” and getting distracted. Oh, and before I forget, the music in this scene is perfect: twangy and conspiratorial.

Claire advances on Helena, so Helena threatens to call security. Heh; there’s that silly Peabody we know and love. But Claire has a shiv, and she’s not afraid to scrape it up Helena’s thigh and then press it to her neck.

Claire: I want you to clique up. Blood in.
Helena: It involves blood?!

Claire makes a move to show her how blood might be involved, but someone interrupts.

Dusty: Let her go, Jackie.
Claire/Jackie: Why should I?
Dusty: ‘Cause she’s with me.

Hello, forearms! Jackie backs off and Helena sobs, probably because Dusty’s arms are so magnificent.